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Baluns use ST’s process integrating high-quality RF passive components on a single glass substrate. As well as balanced/unbalanced conversion, they can also integrate a matching network in a footprint smaller than 1 mm² for the complete function.

Our wide range of integrated baluns includes companion-chips to ST’s latest transceivers, such as:
  - the BALF-NRG-02D3 and BALF-NRG-02J5 tailored for our Bluetooth® low energy 2.4GHz radios – BlueNRG-1 and new BlueNRG-2 – in a 1.2 mm² footprint
  - the BALF-SPI2-01D3 (868-927 MHz) and the new BALF-SPI2-02D3 (433-470 MHz) , designed to be used with S2-LP, ST's sub-1GHz RF transceiver.
The BALF-SPI2-01D3 is particularly tailored for Sigfox wireless connectivity.

Both these – as well as other baluns designed for various transceivers from other manufacturers – significantly help reduce RF complexity and provide an optimized link budget. 

Other available baluns include the BAL-UWB-01E3 optimized for the UWB DW1000 RF IC from Decawave and the BALF-NRF01D3, BALF-NRF01E3, BALF-NRF01J5 and BAL-NRF02D3 series optimized for the flavour of Nordic Semi BLE RF ICs.