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IoT World 2019 Technology

For more information, or in case you missed it, find below the demonstrations and technologies featured at IoT World 2019, including links to the demo presentations shown on the booth and further product information on



IoT World 2019 – Hands-On

Discover the new STM32WB, a Multi-Protocol Dual-Core Wireless MCU supporting Bluetooth™ Low Energy, Thread and Zigbee

Alec Bath & ST Team

Wednesday May 15th
12:40 – 3:40 PM
Room 209-210

An Out-of-the-Box Experience

Making IoT Sensing Accessible with Plug-and-Play Sensor Module STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1 (

  • Multiple User Mode – Entry, Expert, Pro
  • Suitable for prototyping or as a module in commercial prodcuts
  • Certified for out-of-the-box connect to Microsoft ® IoT Central software service on Azure Cloud 

Time of Flight
2D LiDAR & Proximity Sensing

  • World wide #1 Time of Flight supplier with over 450M products shipped
  • Full ranging up to 400 cm with VL6180X, VL53L0X and VL53L1X
  • Proven performance in challenging industrial designs

Bluetooth® Low Energy Mesh
Certified ST Software Development Kit (SDK) Implementation of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) Mesh.

  • ST BlueNRG-Mesh solution is Bluetooth-SIG qualified (QDID: 116029)
  • Supports Sensor, Lighting and Generic Model and Relay, Proxy, Friendship, Low Power mode, multi-elements, multiple models
  • Android App and iOS App are available on Google Play Store and iTunes respectively

Multi-Protocol Wireless Mesh Network
Concurrent operation of multi-protocol home automation devices using the STM32WB
Bluetooth low energy and 802.15.4 System-on-Chip.

  • Ultra Low Power, dual core, multi-protocol radio (concurrent Bluetooth low energy and 802.15.4) SOC
  • High level of IoT Security
  • BOM cost savings with integrated RF components

Power Discretes for IoT

Predictive Maintenance
Sensor to Clou
Solution with industrial design kit for condition monitoring STEVAL-BFA001V1B connected to AWS Cloud through STM32MP1 gateway running AWS Greengrass

Artificial Intelligence with STM32Cube.AI
An extension to the STM32CubeMX tool.  Ultra-low power STM32L5 Discovery board with security and smartwatch-type screen. Human Machine Interaction (HMI) demo using the touchscreen for AI-enabled
hand-writing character recognition.

  • Demonstration of importing a Neural Network (NN), Conversion of NN to STM32 Code and verification on target MCU
  • STM32L5 extends the performance of STM32L4 family
  • Perfect match for smart-sensing Ultra Low Power IoT applications

Wireless Charging
3-coil, 5W/15W TX, with Fast Charge and USB-C 
Complete end to end solution up to 15W, compliant to Qi 1.2.4. The Transmitter supports proprietary fast charging methods for mobile phones. Its stand-by power consumption is just 17mW. The Receiver can auto-switch from 5W to 15W depending on the TX it detects. It has a selectable TX function.

  • Based on the STWBC-MC to drive 3 coils
  • 5W/15W RX with TX function
Based on STWLC33
  • 5W or 15W BPP/EPP modes
  • Integrated high efficiency synchronous rectifier


FOC Position Control of BLDC Motor
Precise positioning control for two BLDC motors. The highly –accurate software controls two synchronized motors (each equipped with a high-resolution encoder) driving intersecting disks that appear to rotate through each other.

STPower Family for wide ranging high power needs

  • ST’s power module portfolio includes both our SLLIMM™ families of Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) as well as ACEPACK™ Power Modules for all types of power switching applications. Power Modules belong to the STPOWER™ family.
  • STGaNenlarges the family of Wide Band Gap Power Semiconductors
  • EV Traction solutions with ST ACEPACK Drive, ACEPACK SMIT, STPAK and STGAP

Ultra-Low Power, Zero Drift Operational Amplifiers for Analog Sensors

  • Demonstration of Electrochemical gas sensor using TSU111 for Signal conditioning and nano-power for longer battery life
  • ST Op Amps family provides different features depending on Sensosr and Application constraints

ST25 NFC/RFID Tags and Readers
ST25 NFC/RFID product family enables Smart Industry with applications for Supply & cold-Chain Management, Smart Building, home, city and agriculture, retail and apparel, Smart packaging, Medicual and pharmaceutical, battery-free sensing

  • STEVAL-SMARTAG1combines NFC Dynamic Tag, STM32Lox1 MCU and Sensors, Accelerometer, Baromter, Humidity and Temperature
  • Tag+Reader powered by STM25TV02K
  • High-Performance NFC/RFID Readers ST25R to identify accessories and set parameters, manage inventory, grant access, process payments, and protect card during Qi wireless charging
  • Dynamic tags to control sensors, transfer settings, simplify pairing, customize products at manufacturing, and operate in battery-off mode

Secure Solutions for IoT Nodes

  • STM32L475 Discovery Kit IoT Node B-L475E-IOT01A and STSAFE secure element
  • Shows a single-board solution providing all the functionality needed for an IoT node. The demo shows Cloud Connector software for AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT, IBM Watson IoT, and Google Cloud IoT.

Low Power Connectivity Starter Kits for IoT

  • LTE Cat-M Starter kits for AT&T and Verizon. Software packages ST X-CUBE-CELLULAR and Amazon FreeRTOS leverage
  • ST’s LoRaWAN Starter Kit, developed with machineQ, delivers a versatile and fast-to-market LoRaWAN IoT prototyping option with new LoRa tracker capability for your next innovative design.

Multi-Core Processor STM32MP1



IoT World from Expert

Hear from the Experts

Day Time Topic/Title
Other participants

Monday & Tuesday
May 13 and 14
See website for schedule ST Sponsoring IoT World Hackathon
ST is the Hardware sponsor for the IoT World hackathon
Gianmarco Ferrari  
May 15
9:30 AM – 9:50 AM Executive Keynote:
Embedded Intelligence for the Next Wave of Smart Systems – Opportunities and Challenges on the Edge
Tony Keirouz

  12:00 PM – 12:40 PM Smart Buildings & Energy Management Panel:
Integrating Smart Building Adoption with IoT and New Technologies
Vipin Bothra NA
  12:40 PM – 3:30 PM Hands-on Workshop:
Discover the new STM32WB, a Multi-Protocol Dual-Core wireless MCU supporting Bluetooth™ Low Energy, Thread and Zigbee from STMicroelectronics
Vikas Manocha and Badraddine Baroudi

Provided to participants. Click here to find another day/time

  2:00 PM – 2:20 PM AI & Machine Learning:
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Resource Constrained Devices
Markus Mayr

  4:10 PM IoT Connectivity Panel:
Making Decisions: Which Direction is best when choosing between connectivity options?
Francesco Doddo NA
May 16
12:40 PM Developers Conference: Build & Deploy:
Designing with Sensors Made Simple
Matteo Fusi

  2:20 PM – 2:40 PM Smart Manufacturing:
Optimizing Smart Manufacturing - Reducing Cost and Time-to- Market with New Sensing and Communication Technologies 
Vipin Bothra

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IoT World 2019 – Hands-On

Discover the new STM32WB, a Multi-Protocol Dual-Core Wireless MCU supporting Bluetooth™ Low Energy, Thread and Zigbee

Alec Bath & ST Team

Wednesday May 15th
12:40 – 3:40 PM
Room 209-210

Hands-On Workshop

Discover the new STM32WB, a Multi-Protocol Dual-Core Wireless MCU supporting Bluetooth™ Low Energy, Thread and Zigbee

If you missed the workshop, or would like to participate in a full day version, please see the full list of dates and locations HERE


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