In ST, traceability allows us to quickly identify the source of any non-conformity, determine which parts or customers may be affected and take immediate containment and corrective actions to minimize the impact. Our traceability system allows us to retrieve the individual history of any component and access complete information about it at every step in the supply chain. Our ultimate goal is to achieve single device traceability.

Traceability data from manufacturing sites, logistics and subcontractors is consolidated into a central database for full visibility at lot, wafer and die level, including direct materials for product packages, along with supplier and material lot identification.

The inner box

The inner box label contains full traceability information, including
  •  Country of assembly
  • Moisture sensitivity level as per the JEDEC standard J-STD-020
  • Date of vacuum sealing of dry bag
  • Peak package body temperature as per the JEDEC standard J-STD-020
  • Lead-free category as per the JEDEC standard JESD96
  • Product identification (ST part number)
  • Bulk quantity
  • Traceability code
  • Bulk identification number
  • The inner box label guarantees that the products have been found fully compliant to the manufacturer product specification and constitutes a viable substitute for both
  • Certificated of origin (country of assembly is indicated)
  • Certificate of conformance (where applicable)

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