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Join our team of 115 nationalities, we're recruiting across the globe!

Discover ST's career opportunities & profiles and help shape the world of the future. We're recruiting designers, software engineers, operators, process engineers, and many other profiles!

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We are one ST, everywhere; we embrace our values of people, integrity, & excellence while acting responsibly.
We place people at the heart of everything we do. Join the synergy of our talents to think, create and develop sustainable solutions for the world in which you would like to live in.
What we believe in
We place people at the heart of everything we do. Our technologies start with their passion, commitment, & dedication.
R&D, product manufacturing, software development, support and staff functions... Discover our broad job portfolio that makes ST environment unique.
Our technology starts with you
We empower people with learning opportunities, leadership skills, & international mobility to create tomorrow's leaders.
At ST, we empower people with continuous learning opportunities, leadership programs, international mobility and other high potential paths to boost your career and make today's talents our leaders for tomorrow.
We develop talents
We organize and participate in over 100 events throughout the world to help you find the right opportunity.
We onboard undergraduate and graduate students from all backgrounds for internship, apprenticeship, thesis programs and full-time opportunities. We organize and participate in over 100 events throughout the world to allow you to discover ST and find the right opportunity. Check out our upcoming events to see where you can connect with us!
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Want to be part of global high-tech company offering a diverse work environment with 48,000 people of 100+ nationalities and that operates in a responsible and sustainable manner?
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