We develop talents

We develop talents

At ST, we believe that the development of our people is the key factor for ensuring our long term success. We anticipate, develop, and match our employees' skills and profiles to our business needs, to reach the highest level of organization performance, as well as maximizing people's employability. We provide our employees with opportunities for life-long learning through professional development and clear career evolution paths.
The working environment we foster encourages innovation, thoughtful risk-taking climate, commitment to results, systematic problem solving and employee empowerment to exceed customers' expectations.
Recruitment principles

Everything starts with your discovery of our job offers, select the one made for you, apply on-line, and create your candidate account! You will be able to follow your application flow. If you successfully pass the preselection, you will be invited for a first interview. The final step of the recruitment journey will end with a call confirming the job offer. If not, stay connected with us for the next opportunity and do not hesitate to apply again!

Equality of opportunities

We are convinced that diversity and inclusion bring value to our business through effective innovation, attractiveness, engagement, and agility.
Our ambition is to achieve full gender equality and be a leader in cultural and disability inclusion.

Learn and develop yourself

ST believes in growing people, and that our sustainable success relies on employees realizing their potential through a culture of personal development, autonomy, and creativity.
At ST we will give you the means and encouragement to growth your career. You will have access to the latest training and development in personal effectiveness, technical skills, management, and leadership. You will have the opportunity to move between projects, programmes and teams, learning through experience and working with he very best people in the business. As a truly global company, we can provide you with the opportunity to experience many different cultures and move internationally. Your career at ST is limited only by your imagination and aspiration.


ST provides managers the opportunity to collectively assess their employee potentials and contributions through a 2-year rolling process to continuously match every organization's human resources to their business’s needs.
Key talents identified during this assessment are eligible to Promotions (new position, higher job grade), Internal mobility (within the organization or in another organization), and Specific collective development plans.


Total Rewards is a critical part of our employee value proposition, to support growth and recognition. Our market-competitive and fair compensation, rewards employees competences, skills and performance for individual and business achievements all along your career. Our ST wide-ranging benefits package at each stage of life is one of the best-in-class, reflecting our culture and values.
Salary increases, Bonuses, Unvested Stock Awards, Healthcare, Performance Growth & Development, Time-off needs and Work-Life Environment are part of our Global Rewards approach.