APEC 2022

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March 20-24, 2022

Houston, TX

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ST is looking forward to joining APEC in person in March 2022. ST’s experts will be showcasing the latest innovations in technology and applications.
We have many new products and technologies to discuss!
For a preview of our technologies we’ll be showing, or if you can’t make it in person, see our Demo Resource page
ST Expert Presentations
Time Title Speaker / Contributors Session Type Session Location
Monday March 21
8:30 AM
12:00 PM
A primer on LLC resonant converter
Session Type: Professional Education Seminar
Session: S13
Location: 350DEF
Claudio Adragna
Francesco Gennaro
Professional Education Seminar S13 350DEF
Tuesday March 22
10:40 AM
11:00 AM
Discrete Time modelling for LLC
(co-authored paper, presented by University)
Session Type: Technical
Session: T05.6
Location: 361DEF
Ranajay Mallik Technical T05.6 361DEF
1:45 PM
2:15 PM
2 kW Interleaved Totem Pole PFC solution featuring ZVS Digital Control
Session Type: Exhibitor Seminar
Session: Theatre 1
Location: Expo Hall
Gianni Vitale Exhibitor Seminar Theatre 1 Expo Hall
Wednesday March 23
9:20 AM
9:45 AM
How minimize the parameters tolerance of SIC MOSFET gate driver
Session Type: Industry
Session: IS08.3
Location: 320A
Vittorio Giuffrida Industry IS08.3 320A
3:20 PM
3:45 PM
Miller Turn-on and Threshold Voltage Correlation in SiC MOSFET Based high-Frequency Converters
Session Type: Industry
Session: IS13.3
Location: 320A
Luciano Salvo Industry IS13.3 320A
4:30 PM
4:55 PM
Integrated Smart GaN device for High Voltage Power Conversion in Automotive Applications
Session Type: Industry
Session: IS12.5
Location: 360DEF
Francesco Gennaro Industry IS12.5 360DEF
5:20 PM
5:45 PM
Latest generation SiC MOSFETs allow high efficiency in high frequency bidirectional three-phase PFC
Session Type: Industry
Session: IS13.7
Location: 320A
Francesco Gennaro Industry IS13.7 320A
Thursday March 24
9:45 AM
10:10 AM
GaN HEMT power losses modeling and evaluation in resonant LLC converters
Session Type: Industry
Session: IS16.4
Location: 360ABC
Domenico Nardo Industry IS16.4 360ABC
11:00 AM
11:25 AM
Analysis and design of an LED Driver based on QBB insulated topology
Session Type: Industry
Session: IS19.6
Location: 320B
Matteo Sucameli Industry IS19.6 320B
11:30 AM
1:30 PM
GaN HEMT power losses modeling and evaluation in resonant LLC converters
Session Type: Technical Dialogue
Session: D05.5
Location: Poster area
Domenico Nardo Technical Dialogue D05.5 Poster area
2:45 PM
3:05 PM
Spurious Miller turn-on evaluation for SiC MOSFET body diode in high-frequency converters
Session Type: Technical
Session: T28.4
Location: 361ABC
Luciano Salvo Technical T28.4 361ABC