Automotive MEMS sensors & ANALOG components

Join us for 1-hour webinar to discover about smart mobility and electrification applications with ST's latest motion MEMS sensors and ANALOG solutions


Thursday, July 1st 2021 | 03:00 pm CEST


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ST's latest 6-axis inertial measurement unit and 3-axis accelerometer feature reduced footprints and higher accuracy, offering performance and design opportunities and ensuring greater robustness. These MEMS motion sensors are integral to evolving automotive applications like alarm and navigation systems, as well as for the growing list of market innovations aimed at enhancing user comfort and experience, including key fobs, door control units, seat modules, telematic boxes, suspension, light levelling and camera/ radar/ lidar stabilization.

Meanwhile, our enhanced Analog portfolio is helping designers manage reliability and efficiency requirements associated with power management in the burgeoning automotive electrification trend. Our isolated switching step-down regulators and current sense amplifiers reduce complexity and ensure critical robustness in on-board chargers, eBoosters, turbochargers, belt-starter generators, DC-DC converters and main inverters. ST is also expanding its signal conditioning portfolio with new operation amplifiers targeting extreme precision, even lower consumption and broad gain bandwidth. LED drivers for interior and rear lighting complete the portfolio.


  • Part #1: Motion MEMS sensors for smart mobility
    • MEMS market, automotive introduction and ST products.
    • Application examples.
    • Summary.
  • Part #2: ANALOG components for electrification
    • Power Management and isolated power supply A6986I.
    • Current Sense Amplifiers.
    • Operational Amplifiers.
    • Battery Management Systems.
    • LED drivers for interior and rear lighting.
    • Summary.

After the webinar, there will be a 15-minute Q&A session where our experts will be available to answer any questions.

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Llorenç Vallmajó

Llorenç Vallmajó Ribas holds a Telecommunications Engineering degree from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona (Spain). He joined ST in September 2018, bringing more than ten years in the semiconductor industry and eight of specialization in automotive applications with him. Llorenç is stationed in Munich (Germany), where he manages a broad range of automotive qualified products for the EMEA region, from MEMS sensors to power management regulators, as well as signal conditioning.

Petr Stukjunger

Petr Stukjunger has been with ST for more than 15 years and provides high level technical support for the EMEA region. He is a Senior Application Engineer with expertise in motion and environmental MEMS and sensors, and their implementation in industrial, consumer and automotive applications. Petr holds a Master of Science (MSc.) degree in Computer Science from the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Jiří Hladík

Jiří Hladík joined ST as an Application engineer for EMEA region in 2015, and provides excellent insight and support in system architecture and comprehensive electronic design processes. His primary focus is on analog sensor interfaces with signal conditioning and power management. Jiří is stationed in Prague, Czech Republic.