Rapid IoT device development with LwM2M in STMicroelectronics’ ecosystem

Join us for a 1-hour webinar and learn how to quickly develop IoT devices with LwM2M in STMicroelectronics’ ecosystem.


This webinar was broadcasted Tuesday, October 19th 2021

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Hosted by AVSystem, an ST Authorized Partner, this webinar will show you how to leverage the LwM2M protocol for IoT device management.

Device management is an important issue that any IoT solution provider needs to address. Engineers have to make the right decisions when designing, implementing, and testing IoT devices, and can choose between using existing, tested, and approved solutions or starting from scratch. There are many approved, mature solutions that can make the device design process more efficient, and the Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) protocol is one of them. With ready-to-use components provided by the LwM2M protocol, designers can quickly focus on developing device functionalities that create significant business value for their customers, instead of spending time building device management functionalities themselves.

In this webinar, we will explain the benefits of using the LwM2M protocol and show you how the Anjay LwM2M SDK and the Coiote IoT Device Management platform, the two leading LwM2M device management solutions, are deeply integrated in ST’s development ecosystem.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How the Anjay LwM2M SDK is integrated in STM32CubeMX and how to quickly get the skeleton of an IoT application inside ST’s development environment
  • About the security components provided by ST embedded in Anjay LwM2M SDK, which allow you to meet high security standards
  • About the ready-made, open-source sample applications of Anjay LwM2M SDK on popular ST discovery boards
  • How to get access to the Coiote IoT Device Management testing platform for you to test your IoT application with the AVSystem cloud infrastructure.
  • How to enable seamless integration for device-to-cloud communication with IoT services from AWS and Microsoft Azure


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Marcin Nagy, Product Director for IoT, AVSystem

Marcin’s primary areas of interest and expertise include information security, distributed systems, and real-time communication systems. Before joining AVSystem, he was the Vice President of Engineering in callstats.io, the pioneering WebRTC diagnostics and analytics company, which he co-founded. He is also active in the academic world. For his research in the area of security and usability in opportunistic networks, he was awarded a Doctor of Science degree from the Aalto University, Finland. During his time at university, he spent a year as a research intern in the Nokia Research Center. Marcin co-authored two US patents.

Mieszko Mieruński, Embedded Team Lead, AVSystem

Mieszko is an embedded developer with strong experience in low-power IoT solutions. For four years he worked at Nordic Semiconductor as a firmware engineer, creating device drivers for the nRF series and developing Zephyr RTOS. At the same time, he was also a member of the AGH Solar Boat Team, creating solar-powered electrical race boats, first as a developer, later on as a CTO. The team achieved many successes, including the title of the 3rd fastest solar boat in the world at the Monaco Solar&Energy boat challenge. At AVSystem, he is currently responsible for the development of the Anjay LwM2M library and its integrations. As a Mechatronic Engineering graduate, he looks for optimal solutions with a synergetic approach.

Solofoniaina Razafindrahaba, Vertical Marketing Cellular Group Leader, Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics

Solofoniaina is an expert in connectivity. His mission is to specify and design a solution with cellular connectivity based on STM32. He has over 18 years of experience in system architecture, and in the design and implementation of connectivity solutions in wireless cellular technology, as well as wired technology, including the DOCSIS standard. His focus has now turned to addressing the challenges of designing ultra-low power IoT devices with enhanced, secure cloud connectivity. He has Master of Science in electronic, real-time system and signal processing.