Design tips for driving DC & BLDC motors: Learn to select optimal integrated driver ICs and control methodologies for DC & BLDC motors

Design Tips for Driving DC & BLDC Motors

Learn to Select Optimal Integrated Driver ICs and Control Methodologies or DC & BLDC Motors

Listen to a 1 hour overview of ST’s Integrated Driver ICs for DC & BLDC motors and talk to application experts directly. In this webinar, you will learn about various product features and their advantages/disadvantages. You will also learn boundaries of integrated drivers and how to select appropriate product/solutions and control methodologies for a given motor application.

Mark your calendars and join us on March 10th at 12noon CST

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Webinar Agenda (CST)

12:00PM – 12.05 PM

  • Introduction, review agenda

12.05PM – 12.45PM

  • Tips for selecting the right drive topology and control methodologies for DC & BLDC motors
  • Tools from STMicroelectronics to get you started right away

12.45PM – 1:00PM

  • Q&A


The DC and BLDC Motor drivers

This family combines control logic and power stages on the same chip, thereby helping to take the load of the central control unit while making motor control DC and BLDC motor designs so much easier to implement.

Key benefits include:

  • Multi-package options to cover a variety of design requirements from board space constraints to thermally challenging environments. Note that the QFN package is the best optimized package for cost and power dissipation.
  • Easier development with reference designs, evaluation boards, and in some cases, a development environment which includes thermal analysis
  • Extensive diagnostic capability, robust, and fully protected with non-dissipative overcurrent protection (OCD) to further reduce the number of external components, the cost, and the complexity.
  • Wide operating voltage, current and temperature range supporting most applications’ needs.

  • Best in class for feature integration (logic core + driver + protection)
  • Best in class performances
  • Best in class for package
  • Fault protected
  • Wide voltage and current
    application rating
  • Extra small footprint
  • High efficiency

  • Cost effective solutions (low additional component count, layout minimized), high immunity to noise, low EMI)
  • Highest level of safety features integration
  • Over-current, thermal protection, UVLO,
    cross-through prevention
  • PowerSO & Flexiwatt featuring less than 1 degree C/W.
  • QFN extra-miniaturized package
  • Robustness
  • Flexibility of design
  • Board space saving
  • Power saving

Additional information on these Motor driver ICs is available at the following link: