High-voltage MOSFETs based on MDmesh™

HV Power MOSFETs: The Latest Technologies, Trends & Applications



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Get up-to-date on the most recent advances in high-voltage power MOSFET technology and discover which devices are best suited for different target applications.

During this one-hour videp, you will learn about ST’s best-in-class high-voltage MOSFET technology, with emphasis on the super-junction MDmesh™ family. Spanning voltage ratings from 250 V to 1700 V, these discrete devices advance the performance of power topologies from motor control to vehicle electrification, and everything in-between.

Following a review of the devices in ST's broad MDmesh™ portfolio, we'll take a deep dive into the latest 600-700 V M6 series, optimized for high-efficiency switched-mode power supplies (SMPS).

You will learn:

  • What makes the MDmesh™ structure so effective
  • A description of the target applications for each of the 4 MDmesh™ families
  • About the power topologies enabling high efficiency standards
  • The features, benefits, and applications of the M6 series
  • About the diverse packaging options available and related trends
  • How to find resources to help designers with using MDmesh™ MOSFETs


Wayne Salata is a Staff Technical Marketing Engineer supporting all discrete products at STMicroelectronics. Prior to joining ST in 1999, Wayne held positions as Regional Manager at EOS Power, Director of Business Development and Director of Engineering at Oryx Power Products, and Power Supply Manager and Engineer at Zenith Electronics. He started his career in 1975 as a technician at B&K Precision Instruments while in high school, and continued there while obtaining his BSEE from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He holds one US patent.    


About MDmesh™ Power MOSFETS

  • The Super-Junction MOSFET structure allows to shrink the epitaxial layer of the vertical MOS compared to planar types, reducing Rds(on) for a given die area.
  • There are four modern families of MDmesh devices – M5, M2, M6, and K5 – Spanning drain voltage ratings from 250 V to 1700 V.
  • Each is optimal for differing power applications like CCM PFCs, resonant converters, ZVS bridges, or flybacks.
  • M6 is a new reference for best-in-class performance in resonant topologies.
  • Diverse SMT and through-hole packaging, as well as module options, allow mechanical ease of design in any application.
  • Detailed application notes, selection guides/apps, and models enable quick designs with MDmesh technologies.