IEEE Sensors 2021

Date: October 31 – November 4, 2021 - fully virtual
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ST is a Silver sponsor of the 2021 edition of the IEEE Sensors 2021, contributing with several authoritative research papers. Visit our virtual showcase at IEEE Sensors 2021 and follow our papers presentations!


Sensor innovations and technology allow us to collect and analyze data from the tiniest devices thereby enabling applications, even the most critical ones, to better perform, in a safer way.

While there are still many ways to improve the scope and the use of combined sensor data, there are serious latency, bandwidth, and security challenges emerging across personal electronics, industrial, and automotive markets, related to the transfer of such large quantities of data to and from centralized systems and cloud servers.

Real-time, low-power, local and edge data processing is one of the most viable and sustainable ways forward. ST is developing new technologies and creating a comprehensive sensor product portfolio to meet the most stringent power requirements, while implementing learning hardware and artificial intelligence engines.

To find out more about our latest research and development effort, join ST at IEEE Sensors 2021, a fully virtual conference gathering research scientists, engineers, and practitioners throughout the world to present their latest research findings, ideas, and applications in the area of sensors and sensing technology.

Title Speaker or co-author
Nov 1 13:30 Session A2P-13 - 2
Piezoelectric MEMS For Microparticles Detection
Francesco Foncellino (STMicroelectronics speaker)
Nov 2 11:45 Session B1L-03-3
Miniaturized Quadruple Mass Gyroscopes: Challenges and Implementation
Luca Falorni (STMicroelectronics co-author)
Nov 3 12:00 Session C1L-05 – 4
Intrinsically Self-powered, Battery-free, and Sensor-free Ambient Light Control System
Roberto La Rosa (STMicroelectronics speaker)
Nov 3 12:00 Session C1L-04-03
On Amplitude-Gain-Control Optimization for Lissajous Frequency Modulated MEMS Gyroscopes
Andrea Donadel (STMicroelectronics speaker)
Nov 4 11:00 Session D1L-01 – 1
An all-in-one 64-zone SPAD-based Direct-Time-ofFlight Ranging Sensor with Embedded Illumination
Fabrice Martin (STMicroelectronics speaker)