IOTE Shenzhen 2023

Shenzhen, China, 20-22 September 2023

Venue: Shenzhen International Convention & Exhibition Center
ST booth: A17, Hall 11
Event website:

IOTE is a significant trade event in Asia that focuses on IoT. It presents the latest technologies and applications of IoT, offering a platform for professionals, manufacturers, distributors, and end-users to connect and promote their businesses. The event showcases a wide range of IoT products and solutions, including RFID technology, cloud computing, big data, AI, smart city solutions and more. Besides, IOTE Shenzhen in 2023 will feature influential speakers to share their expertise and insights on various IoT topics.


As one of the leading participants in the industry, at IOTE, ST will feature our latest NFC products and applications focusing on personal electronics, smart home, factory automation. Meanwhile, ST will also showcase advanced wireless connectivity products based on STM32WBA MCU.

ST25 NFC products facilitate the growth of IoT
The ST25 NFC product series are transforming the landscape of technology by smart approach. With ST25, data exchange is quick and effortless, and a diverse range of intelligent interconnections can be achieved through its exceptional performance and development resources.

These products find extensive applications in industrial equipment, medical and health products, games and toys, payment systems, as well as smart home and security monitoring. The demos to be showcased at IOTE 2023 will encompass:

  • ST NFC Tags include ST25TB, ST25TN and ST25TVxxKC series used for ticketing, anti-counterfeit, authentication, tracking, asset management
  • ST  Dynamic NFC Tags include M24SR and ST25DV series. which has been used for wireless pairing, programing setting, data logger, data exchange, WLC and provides flexible, abundant, innovative application
  • ST NFC Reader includes ST25R391x, ST25R100/200
  • STSAFE-A110, strong secure element which can be used for strong identity authentication (compliant with USB-C and QI standards), establishment of secure channels for output (TLS), signature verification, internal counters, secure data storage, support for Amazon AWS JIT and Azure DPS device registration, and compliance with LoRa and Sigfox standards
  • Solution demo of industry printer solution, using ST25 WLC and STSAFE-A110 to achieve passive printer ink box authentication

Demos include:

STM32WBA Connectivity Solution accelerates the network communication
The STM32WBA, equipped with flexible BLE central-peripheral and powerful multi-connection functions, offers an extended star-like network communication that boasts low latency and low power consumption, in addition to the conventional point-to-point communication. This feature addresses the growing demand of customers for wider communication coverage.

ST’s products are always at the forefront of the IoT industry and providing cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of applications. From ST25 NFC series to STM32WBA products, our portfolio offers exceptional performance and reliability.

We are excited to showcase the latest products and technologies at the upcoming IOTE 2023. We warmly welcome all attendees to visit our booth and explore the possibilities of IoT with us. Now click to register and visit our booth at A17, Hall 11 in Shenzhen International Exhibition and Convention Center during 20-22 September!


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