ISSCC 2022

Date: 20-28 February – virtual format
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The International Solid-State Circuits Conference is the foremost global forum for presentation of advances in solid-state circuits and System-on-Chips. The Conference offers a unique opportunity for engineers working at the cutting edge of IC design and applications to stay ahead of technical trends, and to network with leading experts.

STMicroelectronics is part of the ISSCC community and joins the 2022 event edition with several presentations, including a plenary talk by Marco Cassis, President, Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group and Head of STMicroelectronics’ Strategy, System Research and Applications, Innovation Office, about Intelligent sensing.


Plenary keynote at 7:45 AM PST
Intelligent sensing: enabling the next “automation age”

Sensors have undergone extraordinary proliferation since the beginning of the 21st Century. Thanks to IoT, connected smart sensors can now be found all around us. This makes it possible to collect a wealth of data autonomously and continuously without human intervention, automating routine activities while unlocking previously unattainable insights and functionality.
As we enter the Automation Age, the information generated from these sensors can be processed and acted on locally to take action in the physical world. Sensing, artificial intelligence, and actuation will enable autonomous end-to-end system solutions in existing and new application fields including automotive, digital health, agriculture, environmental control, and decarbonization.
The semiconductor industry is driving this transformation and sensors, smart embedded actuators, analog interfaces, connectivity, security and embedded AI, offer a perfect toolset for companies to continue to innovate. To fuel this innovation, we need to develop energy efficient, high-accuracy, autonomous, ultra-compact, and trusted ICs.
These chips need to feature state-of-the-art system and embedded security techniques to protect the gathered data, its processing, and the resulting actuation.  New and super-efficient computational hardware technologies supporting AI and machine learning are already transforming at-the-edge data processing and are pushing the envelope on intelligent functionality and IoT network scalability.
Future advances will rely on these evolving IC technologies as well as associated packaging solutions. These will include super-integration, wafer-to-wafer bonding, and system-in-package, to enable the heterogenous integration of multiple technologies.

Conference agenda – ST sessions

Date Time (PST) Title Speakers
19 Feb 9:00am Circuit Insights
Industry perspective: why circuit design?
Andreia Cathelin
ST Presenter
19 Feb 9:00am Circuit Insights
Fireside chat with circuit designers
Elsa Lacombe
ST Panelist
20 Feb 8:05am Next Gen Circuit Designer 2022 Workshop
Elevator Pitch Session
Sofia Perinelli
ST Elevator pitch presenter
20 Feb 9:50am Next Gen Circuit Designer 2022 Workshop
Panel: Our path to circuit design
Andreia Cathelin,
ST panelist
21 Feb 7:45 Plenary keynote
Intelligent Sensing: Enabling the Next “Automation Age”
Marco Cassis
ST President Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group
22 Feb 8:30am GaN, High Voltage and wireless power Patrick Arno
ST Session Co-Chair
25 Feb 7:00am Forum 2: Chip Design for Low-Power, Robust, and Secure IoT Devices Andreia Cathelin, Bruce Rae
25 Feb 7:00am Forum 3: The Path to 6G: Architectures, Circuits, Technologies Andreia Cathelin,
ST Champion
In addition to the list of presentations above, we recognize the role of Bruce Rae as ITPC European Regional Chair.