Solutions for Stepper Motor Control: From Theory to Practice

With a best-in-class portfolio supported by a rich development ecosystem, ST makes prototyping your motor control solution fast and simple

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Watch the on-demand webinar to discover a portfolio of high-performance motor control devices for stepper motors, and how to use our complete ecosystem of tools and resources to get your motor spinning quickly and efficiently.

We start the session with the theory of operation and use-cases for stepper motors, progressing to a discussion on stepper motor solutions in the STSPIN family of motor control ICs.

The STSPIN portfolio consists of motor drivers available in a large selection of space-saving, thermally-enhanced packages, providing a ready-to-use, optimized solution for motor and motion control systems over a wide range of voltage and current ratings. Included in the portfolio is the powerful powerSTEP01 system-in-package, integrating both the control circuitry and a complete power stage (8 N-channel 16 mΩ MOSFETs) in a QFN package for compact, high-power stepper motor applications (85 V and 10 A).

The STSPIN family comes with extensive, low-cost evaluation hardware and software as well as a technical documentation toolbox to help minimize time-to-market. We will help you navigate this ecosystem and show you how to use it to fast-prototype your stepper motor design.

You will learn:

  • What a stepper motor is and where it is used
  • About ST’s portfolio of stepper motor controllers
  • The ecosystem of development boards, application notes and GUIs available to get your stepper motor spinning quickly
  • Challenges of stepper motor control


Jiri Keprda has extensive experience as an IC designer for power management circuits. He is currently a technical product marketing expert for power conversion and motor control applications.    
Rosario Attanasio is an application engineering manager for the Americas region, focusing on offline power supplies, industrial and lighting applications. Prior to this role, he served as a senior application engineer at STMicroelectronics in Italy. Rosario graduated from University of Catania in 2003 and received a PhD in electrical engineering from the same university in 2006.    


About motor control solutions from STMicroelectronics

ST is a pioneer in the field of motor and motion control, offering a wide selection of ICs to best match an application spectrum covering a wide range of power ratings and motor types, as well as varied system partitioning.

STSPIN motor drivers embed all the functions needed to drive motors efficiently and with the highest accuracy, and include an advanced motion profile generator to relieve the host microcontroller, while ensuring robustness and reliability thanks to a comprehensive set of protection and diagnostic features.

Available in a wide selection of space-saving, thermally-optimized packages, you are sure to find a device in our STSPIN line-up that addresses your motor or motion control system requirements.