NFC and RFID Technologies

ST & WT Joint Seminar - Taiwan
Event Date: December 5, 2018
Location: Grand Ballroom, Grand Victoria Hotel

After years of investment in RFID and NFC technologies, STMicroelectronics is now a world-leading company in these two areas. To help partners in Taiwan better understand latest RFID/NFC technologies and the trends of IoT applications, ST is organizing a joint seminar with our strategic partner Edom on December 5, 2018 (Wednesday) to explore the trends, applications and latest advancements of RFID and NFC. Products and solutions will be demonstrated on site at the seminar so participants can better understand product architectures and grab future opportunities.

Time Agenda Speaker
13:00-13:30 Guest Reception  
13:30-13:40 Welcome Remark Giuseppe Izzo
Managing Director, STMicroelectronics
13:40-14:40 NFC Smart Devices to Speed Up the AIoT Deployment Safely Kenneth Huang
Strategy Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics
14:40-15:00 Demo and Break Time  
15:00-15:25 TBC TBC
15:25-15:50 NFC Reader / Tag Antenna Design and Measurement Eddie Wu
Technical Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics
15:50-16:15 STM32 Family Product Introduction and Application Developments Daniel Wang
Technical Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics
16:15-16:40 STSAFE - Secure your IoT Devices Jessica Yen
Technical Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics
16:40-17:00 Q&A  

The event will be conducted in Chinese, register now: Click here