STM32MP1 SiP-lified, Getting You to Production Faster!

Quickly develop powerful Linux-based applications with ST’s STM32MP1 multicore microprocessor and System-in-Package (SiP) technology from Octavo Systems




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Watch the on-demand webinar to discover the STM32MP1 microprocessor with dual Arm® Cortex®-A7 and Cortex®-M4 Cores from ST, and how combining it with System-in-Package (SiP) technology from Octavo Systems can make designing with the MP1 as easy as designing with a microcontroller.

During the session you will learn how leveraging System-in-Package technology can drastically reduce development time, application size, and total system cost. We will walk you through the OSD32MP1 System-in-Package (integrating the STM32MP1 and the STPMIC1), development boards, software tools (CubeMX, OpenST Linux, Debian), and other resources to help speed you through your development.

By the end of the presentation, you will have the knowledge required to move quickly from concept to design to production using the STM32MP1-based OSD32MP1 SiP.

You will learn:

  • About the STM32MP1 microprocessor
  • What System-in-Package technology is
  • How using SiP technology can:
    • Get your application to market faster
    • Reduce the size of your design
    • Lower your total development cost
  • How to get started using the STM32MP1 System-in-Package
  • About resources available to ensure your success, including OpenSTLinux and Debian


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Mike Hartmann is a Product Marketing Engineer in region America's Microcontroller and Microprocessor product marketing team. Mike has been with ST since 2001 and previously held various marketing and engineering roles in ST's Digital Product Group and Consumer Business Unit. Prior to ST, he worked at several communications and digital video technology companies. Mike has an MBA from the University of Delaware and a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University.    
Greg Sheridan  is the VP of Strategy and Marketing for Octavo Systems. He has been with Octavo since 2015 developing and executing strategies to deliver value and increase the capabilities of electronic systems through System-in-Package technology. He has an MBA and a Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.