ST PowerStudio webinar 2018


Introduction to ST PowerStudio; 
the dynamic electro-thermal simulation software for SLLIMM™ and ACEPACK™

Predicting performance of power devices to ensure the best fit for your application mission profile

Missed the live event? Watch the recorded webinar and get an introduction to ST PowerStudio, our dynamic electro-thermal simulation software for power devices supporting the SLLIMM™ (Intelligent Power Module) and ACEPACK™ (Power Module) families. 

The software features a one-click comprehensive power and thermal analysis, avoiding long, complex and expensive application testing. It provides a very accurate estimation of power loss, junction and case temperatures, and even explores non-testable parameters and helps in sizing a suitable heatsink. Finally, the tool helps developers select the proper device fitting the application mission profile, saving design time and resources.

You will learn:

  • the basics and the internal structure of ST PowerStudio
  • about the support material and how to download and install the software
  • how to set up all the simulation conditions and read the output results
  • to quickly analyze and select the proper device for your needs


  • Introduction and overview of ST PowerStudio
  • List of useful additional resources available
  • Software download and installation guidelines
  • Live Simulation with practical examples


Carmelo Parisi (Application Development Section Manager) joined ST in 2002 as Technical Marketer. Since 2010 he is System Solution Application Dev. Manager for Motor Control in the Power Transistor Division. Power conversion for appliance and industrial field, power switch (IGBT, MOSFET, Intelligent Power Module and Power Module) and simulation software are the main fields of interest.  
Alessio Corsaro (Application Development Sr. Engineer) joined ST in 2011 and since then works as System Solution Application Development Engineer in the Power Transistor Division. His main fields of interest are Power Switch (IGBT, MOSFET, Intelligent Power Module) and simulation software.  


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