Sensors Converge 2023

June 20-22, 2023
Santa Clara Convention Center

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 From sensors and chips to the cloud, you’ll find the technologies and applications driving innovation today at Sensors Converge.

The event will be co-located with Embedded Tech Conference.

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Don’t miss ST’s Sensors Award Finalists in both MEMS and AL/ML categories.  Plus, play ST Crushes It for a chance for great prizes!

Learn from our Experts

Day Time Final Title Abstract Speaker Location
Wednesday June 21 9:25 Intelligent Sensing: Past, Present, and Future While the concept of MEMS sensors has been around for more than 40 years, these tiny sensors have started making an impact on our day-to-day lives in just the last 20 years. A brief history of MEMS sensors technology will be presented with focus on how bringing algorithms as close as possible to the sensing element, enables more power-efficient devices which can contribute to a greener future. The current state-of-art of the intelligent sensors that can execute AI/ML algorithms such as Decision Trees and Neural Networks will be discussed with a perspective of use cases in consumer electronic devices, medical, automotive, and industrial applications. Trends and expected future evolution of these intelligent sensors in the era of edge computing and rapidly developing AI solutions will be presented Mahesh Chowdhary, Fellow & Sr. Director, MEMS Software Solutions  
  1:00 The MEMS journey, from offline to Onlife   Andrea Onetti, EVP MEMS Sub-group General Manager Converge Main Stage
Thursday, June 22 10:30 ST Presence Detection Technologies: TMOS (Thermal MOS) and FlightSense™ Introduction to ST multiple product offerings to enable presence, motion detection and ranging applications.

ST presence sensors portfolio augments our customers’ products in a variety of applications, from reliable presence detection to complex gesture and motion recognition, from ultra-low power to high performance, enabling more intelligent and power efficient devices.

The TMOS (Thermal MOS) is an uncooled, low-power, factory-calibrated IR sensor designed to sense presence based on the absolute temperature of objects within its field-of-view (FoV). The FlightSense™ product family ranges from low-power single-zone to multi-zone depth sensors enabling accurate depth measurements and advanced features such as passing-by, touchless control and people counting.
Alexandra GOGONEA, Product Marketing Engineer, Sensors

Ruchi UPADHYAY, Technical Marketing Manager, Imaging
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