Sensors Expo 2016

McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA
June 21-23 2016
Visit ST's booth: 816

ST is offering a new era of ideas with smart sensors that enable new applications with integrated sensor modules and turn-key solutions. At Sensors 2016, ST showed its leadership from start to finish. Edoardo Gallizio, Product Marketing Manager, participated in the Pre-Conference Symposia on a Sensors Innovation Panel; ST Booth had 6 engaging demo areas. Below are links to download the interactive presentations from our booth kiosks.

Our subject matter experts presented in the Live Theaters on the show floor.
See the table below for links to their presentations.

We look forward to seeing you in 2017!

Interactive Presentations from our Booth:
  BlueCoin   Smart City/Smart Home
  SensorTile   Time of Flight
  Pedestrian Dead Reckoning   Customer Product Display


Session Title Session Description Speaker

SensorTile - Wireless Sensor Node Platform for the IoT

This session will focus on algorithms for building contextual awareness for battery operated wearable applications such as activity recognition, gesture recognition, pose estimation, through fusion of sensor data. It will show how to jump start on a rapid fast prototyping with the STM32ODE ecosystem and how to port it on a form factor miniaturized embedded platform with ble communication, motion, environmental sensors and microphones.

Roberto Sannino
Sensor Platforms Manager - Central Lab

STM32 Open Development Environment - Fast Affordable Development and Prototyping

The STM32 Open Development Environment is a fast and affordable way to develop and prototype innovative devices and applications with state-of-the-art ST components leveraging the STM32 32-bit microcontroller family and a comprehensive set of functions for sensing, connectivity, power, audio, motor control and more.

Stuart McLaren
Marketing Manager

Time of Flight ? Proximity/Ranging Device

This session will focus on Time-of-Flight technology and applications such as presence detection, gesture recognition, and many others. It will show how Time-of-Flight technology can bring you key differentiator features and help to build new interfaces.

Arnaud Deleule
Application Manager - Imaging, Americas

Bluecoin - Voice and Music Over an Embedded BLE Platform This session will focus on how to use microphones array in an embedded platform to perform echo cancellation, source localization, beamforming, automatic speech recognition and voice and music transmission over ble keeping in mind the power consumption constraints of a battery operated application.

Roberto Sannino
Sensor Platforms Manager - Central Lab