Simplifying the creation of stunning GUIs on STM32 MCUs and MPUs

Learn how ST and Embedded Wizard can help you build great user interfaces

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020
► 10:00 am CEST
► 5:00 pm CEST

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Designing brilliant Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) with striking graphics and smart effects is a key enabler of providing end-users with a great experience, exceeding their expectations.

ST Authorized Partner Embedded Wizard significantly simplifies the development of highly professional user interfaces, by providing GUIs that can be quickly and effortlessly implemented on STM32 MCUs and MPUs. Join us for a free one-hour session to know more!


You will learn

  • How Embedded Wizard accelerates GUI design phase
  • How Embedded Wizard helps you create impressive GUIs, scaling from a resource-constrained microcontroller up to a powerful microprocessor
  • How a GUI powered by Embedded Wizard is deployed on both STM32H7B3 MCUs and SMT32MP1 MPUs

There will be a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar where ST and Embedded Wizard experienced engineers will be available to answer your questions.


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  • STM32 graphics - portfolio overview
  • About TARA Systems and Embedded Wizard
  • Simplified GUI development: benefits of STM32 MCUs & MPUs
  • Getting Started with Embedded Wizard
  • Create your own UI


Manuel MELIC

Manuel MELIC has been working for Embedded Wizard since 2005. As a member of TARA Systems management board and Software Engineer, Manuel is Embedded Wizard’s Product Manager, and is co-responsible for Research & Development projects. He is an experienced speaker and enjoys holding tech trainings, both on- and offline.


Sami GUIZANI is senior Product Marketing Manager responsible for Graphics and Audio verticals across STM32 portfolio, based in Grenoble, France. He started his career as a system design engineer specialized in ST’s connectivity products, and then moved to a software engineering position at ST-Ericsson, focusing on mobile platform products. Sami was awarded his master’s degree in engineering from INPG institute and his MBA from the IAE institute, both in Grenoble.



Martin Vacek