Choosing the Right Smart Switch & Motor Driver using TwisterSIM

Get equipped with ST’s simulation technology for integrated power solutions, and drive your design to the next level




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Watch the 1-hour, on-demand webinar to discover how ST’s latest generation of integrated smart power solutions can help you to reduce cost, improve reliability, and optimize board space.

The session will include an overview of ST’s leading edge, fully-integrated smart drivers for lighting, power distribution, heating, and brushed DC motor control applications, including highly demanding automotive applications. We will also show you how to select the optimal solution for your application based on specific design constraints using ST’s newest design simulation tool, TwisterSIM.

You will learn:

  • The benefits of using high-side, low-side, & integrated H-bridge drivers
  • How to reduce cost and improve reliability with minimal space requirements
  • Ideas regarding various implementations and their advantages
  • How to optimize your design using the TwisterSIM design simulation tool


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Aravind Mathsyaraja is a senior Technical Marketing Advisor for STMicroelectronics' Automotive & Discrete Group. With a background in power electronics and distribution, he is passionate about implementing smart power products in electronic designs to enable cutting edge and affordable technology in all spaces.