ST RF Sub-1GHz SPIRIT Family Webinar Series

ST RF Sub-1GHz SPIRIT Family Webinar Series


Understand the solutions and design enablement available from ST on Sub-1GHz and Sigfox  based on SPIRIT family


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As the name suggested, Sub-1GHz wireless technologies work below 1GHz such as 433, 512, 868 and 920 MHz, these technologies offers higher range as compared to 2.4GHz technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. They are used to connect IoT devices directly to infrastructure without the need of gateway at consumer's end. They are used for Sensors to Cloud, Smart metering, Home energy management systems, Wireless alarm systems, Smart home, Building automation, Industrial monitoring and control, Smart lighting systems, LPWAN such as Sigfox etc.

In this webinar series, we will introduce the Sub-1GHz technology based on SPIRIT family and its usage. We will also discuss various tools and design packages available. We will also have dedicated session for 6LowPAN mesh and a session with Sigfox.


Session 1: October 27 (Tue) | 11:30 am Indian Standard Time (UTC+05:30) ST’s SPIRIT Sub-1GHz Family and Solutions Introduction
Session 2: November 10 (Tue) | 11:30 am Indian Standard Time (UTC+05:30) ST’s SPIRIT Sub-1GHz Tools and Design packages
Session 3: November 24 (Tue) | 11:30 am Indian Standard Time (UTC+05:30) 6LowPAN over Sub-1GHz with S2-LP (ST’s SPIRIT Family)
Session 4: December 8 (Tue) | 11:30 am Indian Standard Time (UTC+05:30) ST’s S2-LP Transceiver and Sigfox Joint Solution



Product details:

The S2-LP is a high performance ultra-low power RF transceiver, intended for RF wireless applications in the Sub-1GHz band. It is designed to operate in both the license-free ISM and SRD frequency bands at 433, 512, 868 and 920 MHz, but can also be programmed to operate at other additional frequencies in the 413-479 MHz, 452-527 MHz, 826-958 MH, 904-1055 MHz bands.

The S2-LP supports different modulation schemes: 2(G)FSK, 4(G)FSK, OOK and ASK. The air data rate is programmable from 0.1 to 500 kbps.

The S2-LP can be used in systems with channel spacing down to 1 kHz enabling the narrow band operations.

The S2-LP shows an RF link budget higher than 140 dB for long communication ranges and meets the regulatory requirements applicable in territories worldwide, including Europe, Japan, China and the USA.


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Vishal Goyal

(Group Technical Marketing Manager)

Vishal Goyal is a Group Technical Marketing Manager for STMicroelectronics’(ST) RF and Analog custom products in ASEAN, Australia, New Zealand, and India, and has held this position since 2015. Goyal started his career at STMicroelectronics India in 2002 as a Design Engineer in Central Research and Development. In 2007, he joined the Marketing department and was responsible for Analog products for India. Goyal was appointed Senior Marketing Manager of Analog, MEMS, and Sensors for India market in 2013, and his mandate was expanded to include ASEAN, Australia, and New Zealand in 2015. Goyal actively supports customers on the full IoT product-development cycle and helps develop the ST ecosystem in collaboration with customers, ODMs, design houses, EMS’, and distributors. Goyal has published more than 30 technical articles around the world.

Mohit Arora

(Electronics and Communication Engineer)

Mohit Arora is an electronics and communication engineer with over 10 years of experience spanning across product development, technical marketing and field applications. His experience involved working with Radio frequency products, MCUs, Sensors, Mixed signal systems, Interfaces, power systems and Isolation. He has worked with various customers in domains of Industrial, medical, consumer, defense and aerospace. He is currently working as a Advisor - Technical Marketing with the Power Discretes and sub-Analog group of ST, specializing for ST Low Power RF products.

Ajay Nair

(Strategic Alliances Manager, SIGFOX)

Ajay is working with Sigfox, a 0G network, to help IoT devices transfer small amounts of secure data across long distances in a truly energy-efficient manner. In his role, Ajay is leading the global alliance with strategic partners to enable and build compelling industrial solutions at scale over the Sigfox global connectivity network.

Indar Singhal

(Senior Staff Engineer)

Indar is the senior Staff Engineer of ST and he is currently working as a system architect and developer on RF and Connectivity solution. Indar has also been working on Sub-1 GHz, BLE, Wi-Fi, NFC and microcontroller. He worked on Contiki based mesh network technology, BLE Mesh Direct Forwarding solution and Exposure Notification Service standards and developed Contiki based 6LoWPAN application on multiple ST and customer platforms. Indar is an active member in standardization group for M2M, 6LoWPAN, Bluetooth SIG. He designed and developed various RF based expansion boards and published many articles and IEEE paper on IoT and smart lighting application.