Hybrid Power Line and RF: a new paradigm in IoT communications

Join us to discover a unique approach to communications ideal for Smart Cities, Smart Infrastructures and Smart Industries




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During this 1-hour on-demand webinar, you will be introduced to a new hybrid connectivity solution based on the ST8500 programmable power line communication (PLC) system-on-chip. The ST8500, when used in conjunction with the STLD1 PLC line driver and S2-LP RF transceiver, combines the advantages of both PLC and RF technologies to achieve the best coverage in any network condition and topology. You will also learn about the tools available in our development ecosystem to get you started with the ST8500 SoC quickly and efficiently.

We will start with an introduction of basic communication concepts, then explain when and why to use a combination of power line and RF integrated in a single protocol. We'll then go into detail on the solution components and their respective development ecosystems.

The ST8500-based hybrid PLC & RF solution is based on open standards G3-PLC, IEEE 802.15.4, 6LowPAN, and IPv6, and enables seamless integration into multiple applications and systems.

Based on market-proven and widely-used connectivity chipsets, this solution facilitates smart city and industry infrastructures through the combination of power line and wireless communication. You will be guided on how to test and develop smart nodes that can communicate through existing power cables or radio frequency (RF) waves, combining the strengths of both types of connection.

You will learn:

  • What power line communication is, and when/how to use it
  • How the integration of power line communication with RF improves performance
  • About ST's ecosystem of boards, application notes, and software GUI that simplify hybrid PLC and RF development.

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José Ricardo de Freitas is a Senior Engineer at STMicroelectronics and is responsible for Power Line Communications products in the Americas region. He holds a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from the Maua Engineering School and an MBA in Business Administration from FGV.