STM32Cube with System Workbench for STM32 workshop

Discover how to reduce development effort, time and cost using STM32Cube with System Workbench for STM32

Come discover a number of new and exciting STM32 MCUs as well as related development solutions introduced in 2016 during a 1-day workshop for hands-on training using the STM32Cube with System Workbench for STM32.

Registration is closed for all sessions.

Benefits you will take away:

  • Presentation of our new STM32 products and development tools 
  • Hands-on STM32Cube experience using our free System Workbench toolchain, SW4STM32, a multi-OS IDE based on Eclipse
  • A strong practical hands-on lab based on the highly advanced STM32L476x Discovery kit focusing on the rapid development of certain target applications

Confirmed participants will receive a complimentary STM32L476G Discovery kit (limit of one per company).

The STM32Cube is a totally free software solution that includes the STM32CubeMX for generating the initialization C-code for STM32 MCUs based on a graphical user interface. It also offers embedded software libraries containing the hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for the STM32 peripherals and middleware (RTOS, USB, TCP/IP, graphics, etc) based on components that are either ST developed or open source. ST has also recently made available this tool to run on Linux OS.

The System Workbench toolchain, SW4STM32, is a free software development environment based on Eclipse, including a GCC C/C++ compiler and GDB-based debugger, which supports STM32 microcontrollers, Nucleo boards, Discovery kits and evaluation boards, as well as STM32 firmware.

Locations and dates

City Date Status
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  Tuesday, 25 April 2017 Closed
Bangkok, Thailand Thursday, 27 April 2017  Closed
Hanoi, Vietnam Tuesday, 16 May 2017   Full
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnem     Thursday, 18 May 2017  Full



All participants are required to bring along their Windows-based notebooks as we would be providing the various drivers and compilers for installation onto your laptops for a more effective hands-on training.