Symposia VLSI Technology Circuits


DATE: June 13-19 – fully virtual
Conference Program

Created in 1981 by Professors Shoji Tanaka and Walter Kosonocky, the Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Technology and Circuits Symposia (a.k.a VLSI Symposium) brings together top researchers from the industrial and academic world to share innovations and ideas around VLSI circuits, from process technology to System-on-Chips. This year, STMicroelectronics is contributing to the symposia with three authored papers, two of which will be presented by ST researchers.

Sponsored by IEEE and the Japan Society of Applied Physics in cooperation with the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society, this year’s edition will be held virtually. Save the date and join us in June!

Date Time (JST) Title


14-19 June TBC Paper Presentation (session 1A)
A New BJT Selector for sub-0.02µm2 High Density Embedded PCM Memory in FDSOI CMOS Technology

Olivier Weber, ST Presenter

14-19 June TBC Paper presentation (session 3A)
16MB High Density Embedded PCM macrocell for automotive-grade microcontroller in 28nm FD-SOI, featuring extension to 24MB for Over-The-Air software update

Fabio Disegni, ST Presenter

14-19 June TBC Paper presentation
A 2.3GHz Fully Integrated DC-DC Converter based on Electromagnetically Coupled Class-D LC Oscillators achieving 78.1% Efficiency in 22nm FDSOI CMOS

Mathieu Coustans, ST co-author