Flexible SMPS design for phase-to-phase input voltages

Join us for our 1-hour webinar on flexible SMPS design for phase-to-phase input voltages


This webinar was broadcasted Thursday, Oct 1th 2020


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Designing auxiliary power supplies with phase-to-phase input voltage range in buck and flyback topologies.

This webinar focuses on the VIPer26K 1050 V high-voltage converter. It represents the core of an auxiliary SMPS for power ranges up to 20W and input voltage ranges equating to phase-to-phase input voltages.

The unique VIPer26K allows you to generate size and cost effective SMPS designs supplied from high voltage buses, meaning it can accept 3-phase inputs or equivalent DC voltages. This kind of auxiliary SMPS is ideal for applications like metering, certain home appliances like cooking plates, industrial applications supplied from a 3-phase AC bus, solar panels, etc.

Why attend

The webinar explains the many applications that will benefit from the VIPer26K, working topologies, effective SMPS design tips and the support and productivity tools available to streamline development and lower time to market.


You will learn 

  • the key features of the VIPer26K
  • the isolated and non-isolated topologies you can implement
  •  the technical implications of each topology
  • the tools at your disposal to build viable designs and assess their performance


  • Introduction
  • Auxiliary SMPS topology
  • VIPER26K and family overview
  • Evaluation boards
  • Conclusion

There will be a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar where ST’s experienced engineers will be available to answer your questions.


Available On Demand


David Kudelasek

David joined ST as a student in 2016. In 2019 he became a full-time engineer in Prague PowerLAB. His passion is  Power Supplies (Standard and High Voltage), as well as discrete power devices (MOSFETs, IGTBs,BJTs,Diodes and TVS) including ST's new SiC devices.