L99LDLH32 - 32-channel LED driver enabling the technology revolution with digital OLED

Add intelligence to smart lighting with CAN FD Light based OLED drivers

An all-in-one 32-channel linear current regulator, the L99LDLH32 embeds a fast, reliable and robust automotive bus interface, fully scalable with flexible customization and ready for Over-the-Air updates.


Specifically designed for automotive exterior (O)LED rear lighting applications, the L99LDLH32 can drive OLED panels with a common cathode thanks to the high-side configuration of the output channels.

It is designed in BCD9sL technology and guarantees up to 35 V output driving capability – to cover a wide range of OLED forward driving voltages – and features 32 regulated current sources able to provide individually programmable current from 1 up to 15 mA to drive each pixel of the OLED panel independently.

The L99LDLH32 is fully compatible with bus mode as well as stand-alone operation and integrates features to support functional safety including a fault status pin, voltage and temperature monitors, no false activation of light function, and no light function operation with low brightness.

video Digital OLED light technology
The new digital OLED light technology enables a previously unattainable level of lighting homogeneity, opening up further creative opportunities for design.

Key features

The L99LDLH32 is a smart, all-in-one solution featuring:

  • LED & OLED driver for up to 4096 pixels
  • CAN FD transceiver & CAN FD Light protocol handler
  • Precision oscillator for CAN synchronization
  • Innovative analog features for control and protection functions
  • Programmable logic
  • State machine
  • Non-volatile memory
  • ASIL B "ready"

All the functions supported by L99LDLH32 are integrated in a small QFN48 (7x7 mm) package.

Application examples

rear tail led light OLED Rear Lighting
automotive car exterior led light Exterior LED Lighting
automotive Interior LED Lighting

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