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X-CUBE-TOUCHGFX - Free GUI tool for cutting-edge GUIs

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TouchGFX advanced and free of charge graphic framework optimized for STM32 microcontrollers

Taking advantage of the STM32 graphical hardware acceleration, architecture, and ecosystem, TouchGFX accelerates the HMI-of-Things revolution through the creation of stunning smartphone user interfaces on embedded devices ranging from simple low-color UI applications up to high-resolution and high-color UI applications.

Key features of TouchGFX

  • Smartphone animations
  • Easy programing
  • Minimum CPU load and footprints
  • Fast start of UI development
  • Part of STM32 ecosystem
  • Support and documentation
video touchgfx

TouchGFX Introduction - Create, Iterate, Run (5:12)

Integrated in the STM32 ecosystem, TouchGFX is a free GUI tool providing everything you need to create cutting-edge GUIs.

The STM32 offer for GUI includes a large choice of developer kits, software examples and demos. Each developer kit comes with a flashed demonstration. Access the full list of STM32 GUI developer kits.

x-nucleo-gfx02z1 expansion board for STM32 Nucleo with Zio connector


Display expansion board for STM32 Nucleo with Zio connector.

On-demand Tutorial: Rapid Graphic Prototyping with TouchGFX and STM32 Discovery Platforms

webinar touchgfx stm32 gui
Webinar objectives
  • Fundamentals of embedded graphics and STM32 graphics capabilities
  • How to easily create exciting GUIs that enhance your electronic products
  • Perform fast GUI prototyping with the TouchGFX Designer PC tool and graphics libraries