tsc21x current sense amplifiers

TSC21x Series: Robust low/high-side bidirectional amplifiers for precision current sensing


High-precision, zero-drift current sense amplifiers for current measurement, over current protection, current monitoring, and feedback loops

Based on a zero-drift architecture that delivers high performance for precision current sensing, the TSC21x series will bring very high accuracy and robustness to your design.

With a wide supply voltage range from 2.7 to 26 V, and six different voltage gain (V/V) options, our TSC21x amplifiers support temperatures from -40 to 125 °C, making them ideal for industrial and automotive applications. Automotive Grade (AG) versions are available.

Key features of TSC21x series

  • Wide common mode voltage: -0.3 to 26 V
  • Offset voltage: ±35 µV max. (TSC210)
  • 2.7 to 26 V supply voltagee
  • Gain error: ±1% max.
  • Offset drift: 0.1 µV/°C max.
  • Gain drift: 20 ppm/°C max.
  • Quiescent current: 100 µA
  • QFN10 (1.8x1.4) and SC70-
  • Different gain available:

Application examples

telecom Telecom equipment
power management Power management
notebook computer Notebook computers
industrial applications Industrial applications
automotive Automotive applications
battery chargers Battery chargers

How to test & prototype with TSC21x series


Evaluation kit for TSC21x high-precision, bidirectional, current sense amplifiers

Consisting of a mother board and two different daughter boards, this kit lets developers find the best design for different gain configurations.

[On-demand webinar] Operational amplifiers: New current sensing solutions for industrial systems

webinar current sensing
  • Pros and cons of various design architectures
  • Key considerations to take into account in your designs
  • Overview of ST’s current sensing portfolio
  • Real-life solutions for non-isolated and isolated current sensing applications
  • Overcurrent protection and why it is important