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The STM32Cube ecosystem is a complete software solution for STM32 microcontrollers and microprocessors. It is intended both for users looking for a complete and free development environment for STM32, as well as for users who already have an IDE, including Keil or iAR, in which they can easily integrate the various components such as STM32CubeMX, STM32CubeProgrammer or STM32CubeMonitor.

What is STM32Cube, in brief?

STM32Cube is a combination of software tools and embedded software libraries:

  • A full set of PC software tools addressing all the needs of a complete project development cycle
  • Embedded software bricks made to run on STM32 microcontrollers and microprocessors, that will bring various functionalities (from MCU component drivers to more advanced application-oriented features)

Inside the STM32Cube ecosystem

STM32Cube Software tools suite accompanies developers at every step:

  • STM32CubeMX, a configuration tool for any STM32 device. This easy-to-use graphical user interface generates initialization C code for Cortex-M cores and generates the Linux device tree source for Cortex-A cores.
  • STM32CubeIDE, an Integrated Development Environment. Based on open-source solutions like Eclipse or the GNU C/C++ toolchain, this IDE includes compilation reporting features and advanced debug features. It also integrate additional features present in other tools from the ecosystem, such as the HW and SW initilialization and code generation from STM32CubeMX.
  • STM32CubeCLT, a command-line development toolset with code compilation, board programming, and debug features.
  • STM32CubeProgrammer, a programming tool. It provides an easy-to-use and efficient environment for reading, writing and verifying devices and external memories via a wide variety of available communication media (JTAG, SWD, UART, USB DFU, I2C, SPI, CAN, etc.).
  • STM32CubeMonitor family of tools. Powerful monitoring tools that help developers fine-tune the behavior and performance of their applications in real time.

STM32Cube Embedded software helps speed up project development:

  • STM32Cube MCU and MPU packages, dedicated to each STM32 series
    Packages offer all the required embedded software bricks to operate the available set of STM32 peripherals. They include drivers (HAL, low-layer, etc.), middleware, and lots of example code used in a wide variety of real-world use cases.
  • STM32Cube expansion packages, for application-oriented solutions.
    Complementing and expanding the STM32Cube MCU Package offer with additional embedded software bricks, STM32 expansion packages come either from ST or approved partners to create an extensive and scalable embedded software offer around the STM32.

STM32Cube, a comprehensive time-saving solution for every STM32 user

STM32Cube brings all the tools and embedded software for STM32 users, in a simple and integrated manner. To complete the picture, we took care to offer a business-friendly solution:

  • No copyleft licenses terms. Developers benefit from free and open-source software (FOSS).
  • Embedded software and software tools from ST are available at no cost to developers and can be openly shared provided they are used on STM32 devices.

On top of all that, quality remains our top priority. Hence, core components are tested by ST before their release and we are committed to following good practice guidelines (MISRA, code checkers, validation reports, etc.).


Software Development Tools

The STM32Cube Software Development Tools suite is based on a 4-step iterative development process.

MCU MPU software development process
MCU MPU software development process

Each STM32Cube software tool is available in a standalone version.
STM32-compatible tools from qualified partners or 3rd parties (including IAR EWARM or Keil MDK-ARM IDEs) can benefit from seamless integration into the STM32Cube software suite.
Developers can continue to use the tools they are familiar with while taking advantage of the rich features of STM32Cube software tools.

Embedded Software

STM32Cube MCU Packages

An STM32Cube MCU Package is a set of embedded software driving the peripherals of the target MCU or MPU.
Each package embeds standard drivers, in both optimized (Low-Layer API) and portable (HAL API) versions. Additional middleware suitable for specific MCU or MPU peripherals is available. 

STM32Cube embedded software can also be found on Github.

STM32Cube MCU packages

Note:* For details about RF Stacks, please refer to the corresponding STM32CubeWB or STM32CubeWL package.

STM32Cube MCU Packages embedding the Azure RTOS middleware suite:

Now that the Azure RTOS middleware suite is officially part of the STM32Cube offer, developers can take advantage of everything it has to offer and find it in the STM32Cube MCU packages for the following STM32 Series.

STM32Cube Expansion Packages

STM32Cube Expansion Packages contain embedded software components that complement the functionalities of the STM32Cube MCU Packages, and enable specific applicative use cases implementing STM32 MCUs and companion chips, as well as ST devices in domains such as sensing, power management, audio as well as NFC, cloud and cellular connectivity. 

Now that the Azure RTOS middleware suite is officially part of the STM32Cube offer, developers can take advantage of everything it has to offer thanks to STM32Cube Expansion packages officially bringing Azure RTOS middleware to several existing STM32 series.

Thanks to the extensive and scalable ecosystem around STM32 created by ST and Authorized Partners, the number of STM32Cube Expansion Packages available is continuously growing and enriched with ready-to-use project examples for integrated development environments. 

Several STM32Cube Expansion Packages are enhanced for STM32CubeMX and STM32CubeIDE software tools (STM32 Toolset), allowing developers to create scalable designs and to quickly move to another compatible STM32 device, hardware board or prototype. 

Visit our page on  STM32Cube Expansion Package to know more, and browse through our complete, updated list of available packages. 


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STM32Cube Brochure
Tools to support STM32 development
3.1 MB
STM32 Embedded Software overview
Low-level drivers, hardware abstraction layers, and middleware including RTOS, USB, TCP/IP, and graphic stacks, are indispensable bricks for a fast and efficient application development.
343 KB
STM32Cube ecosystem overview​ presentation
Making STM32 development easier
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STM32Cube and Azure RTOS Overview
Microsoft Azure RTOS bringing additional Key benefits to STM32Cube software Suite, from 2021
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STM32Cube Brochure

Tools to support STM32 development

STM32 Embedded Software overview

Low-level drivers, hardware abstraction layers, and middleware including RTOS, USB, TCP/IP, and graphic stacks, are indispensable bricks for a fast and efficient application development.

STM32Cube ecosystem overview​ presentation

Making STM32 development easier

STM32Cube and Azure RTOS Overview/span>

Microsoft Azure RTOS bringing additional Key benefits to STM32Cube software Suite, from 2021


Contribute to the STM32Cube ecosystem!

Follow issues and share solutions on Github for STM32Cube MCU packages. Integrate your own software components in a STM32Cube Expansion for STM32CubeMX and STM32CubeIDE tools, thanks to the new STM32PackCreator utility.

Getting started with STM32cubeMX and STM32PackCreator

STM32CubeMX is part of the STM32Cube initiative designed to simplify and accelerate the development of applications for STM32 microcontrollers. STM32CubeMX offers the possibility to generate C projects using embedded software offers packages like CMSIS-Pack compliant software packs. Starting with the 6.0.0 revision, STM32CubeMX is delivered with STM32PackCreator, an STM32 pack creation graphical companion tool, whose main purpose is the creation of software packs.

Getting started with STM32CubeMX v5.0

Rich by its features-set, STM32CubeMX is changing its skin today to provide to the developer s an improved access to the Pinout, Peripherals and Middlewares parameters to ease the configuration and optimized the project development time. This new look is also standardizing the User Interface of the different Software Development Tools of the STM32Cube ecosystem.

Product Overview - STM32Cube making STM32 development easier

A new free software from ST, is simplifying development on STM32, through a consistent set o f software: STM32CubeMX, software tool on the PC, generating initialization code, and also a collection of embedded software bricks, abstracting the used STM32 and coming with tons of usage examples !

How to use STM32CubeIDE

STM32CubeIDE is an advanced C/C++ development platform with IP configuration, code generation, code compilation, and debug features for STM32 microcontrollers. It is based on the ECLIPSE™/CDT framework and GCC toolchain for the development, and GDB for the debugging. It allows the integration of the hundreds of existing plugins that complete the features of the ECLIPSE™ IDE.

ST's software environment for STM32

Our STM32 family of 32-bit Arm® Cortex® core-based microcontrollers and microprocessors are supported by a comprehensive set of software tools.

What's new with the STM32Cube ecosystem - Tilen Majerle

Now STM32CubeMX allows you to start your project from examples and put your code on top of the already prepared examples in CubeFW packages.

The STM32Cube ecosystem at a glance - Laurent Desseignes

Quick summary of what STM32Cube can bring to you.

Enhancing STM32Cube ecosystem with pre-integrated Microsoft Azure RTOS

ST and Microsoft is a perfect match. An incredible amount of traction in the IoT and across all market segments.

STM32WL - How to port an existing RF application on Azure ThreadX RTOS

Learn how to port an existing RF application on Azure ThreadX RTOS.

Everything you need for your STM32 development in one place.
How to develop a
STM32 expansion package
The STM32Cube expansion package featuring Azure RTOS