On-demand Webinar: Rad-Hard Integrated Current Limiter and ST portfolio for Space Applications

Discover a space-qualified single-chip solution that integrates all the functions of a solid-state protection (SSP) system


Check out our on-demand webinar for an inside look at a pioneering new solution for power management in space applications.

The RHRPMICL1A is an innovative radiation-hardened (rad-hard), programmable integrated current limiter (ICL) that prevents power surges and overloads from damaging electronic equipment operated in space. It can be used as a universal solution to protect power supplies from anomalous external current demand (e.g. in cases where the load enters latch-up conditions) or to protect/replace conventional fuses, and can also be used to control redundant loads.

The device features three user-configurable operating modes (re-triggerable, latched, foldback), with different behaviors for overload or short-circuit events.

All key parameters of the RHRPMICL1A are configurable, including current limit, trip-off and recovery times, and undervoltage protection, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Thanks to its floating ground, it can even be used on power buses with supply voltages higher than its specification maximum of 52 V.

You will learn

  • How to replace your discrete design for current limiting with a programmable, fully-integrated device
  • How to apply the RHRPMICL1A to power buses above 52 V
  • About other space-qualified, radiation-hardened products available from ST


Andrew Michel is a Product Marketing Engineer for space products. He has been with ST for 15 years, most of which supporting power devices. Prior to joining ST, he was a Hardware Design Engineer for various consumer electronic companies in the Chicago area. He holds a patent for an IR safety beam system designed for Chamberlain Group. Andrew has a degree in Radio Technology from MBI, and his hobbies include hiking, kayaking, and tennis.