On-demand Webinar: Connectivity and sensors solutions for home and building automation

ST's secure connectivity solutions on KNX, BlueNRG, Sub-1 GHz, LPWAN and comprehensive sensors for your choice

Thanks to different connectivity solutions, sensors and new intelligent systems that able to detect intrusions or create interactive environments and make today's buildings and homes smarter, safer and more secure environments.

Connectivity solutions eg, KNX, ST Bluetooth® Low Energy, Sub-1 GHz and LPWAN, sensors, IoT devices and new intelligent systems improve comfort and convenience by enabling a broader automation of tedious tasks and, in general, making lighting, climate, and security systems accessible via mobile apps to improve energy savings through more efficient scheduling of the various tasks and functions.

ST provides a complete products portfolio on building and factory automation, Industrial lighting and robots, power management and motion control. In this 1-hour webinar, we will focus on the discussion of ST connectivity and sensor solutions that enable the smart home and building automation.  


  1. Home & building automation overview
    • Building blocks on HVAC
    • FACP system
    • E-lock solution
    • IP camera block diagram 
  2. ST connectivity solutions including KNX, ST Bluetooth®Low Energy, Sub-1 GHz and Lora
  3. ST sensors solutions
  4. Authentication & IoT secure solutions