Webinar: NFC SensorTag - July 12 2018

Fast-track your next IoT design with the NFC-enabled sensor node development platform

During this 1-hour video, you will learn how to simplify the integration of environmental and inertial sensors, NFC Dynamic Tag connectivity, and a low-power microcontroller into your next IoT design using the new NFC SensorTag (STEVAL-SMARTAG1) development kit.

The STEVAL-SMARTAG1 is a sensor node that can sense temperature, humidity, pressure, and motion, and transmit the data when triggered by an NFC reader. It can be scaled down based on final application requirements. The platform can accelerate the design of applications such as supply chain/cold chain monitoring for perishable and valuable goods, asset tracking, healthcare, smart apparel, smart packaging, smart agriculture, and many others.

Thursday, July 12th 2018


  • Introduction to ST’s NFC SensorTag platform
  • Benefits of designing with the STEVAL-SMARTAG1 development kit
  • Application ideas to address multiple requirements/markets
  • Upcoming NFC tag product deliverables
  • Running the Demo on a PC GUI, Android APK or iOS app
  • Real-time Q&A