On-demand Webinar | STWIN for Predictive Maintenance

Learn to use ST's industrial development kit to easily create datalogging and predictive maintenance applications through machine learning techniques


Broadcast date: Thursday, March 18th

Watch the 1-hour on-demand webinar to discover the latest in multi-featured platforms for developing industrial applications—the SensorTile Wireless Industrial Node (STWIN) and associated software ecosystem.

The STWIN is a complete development kit and reference design that consists of environmental, motion, acoustic, and vibration sensing elements, with both wired and wireless connectivity options, that aims to accelerate prototyping and facilitate testing of advanced industrial IoT applications.

You will learn about the newly-released STM32Cube function packs designed to collect, store, and visualize sensor data, and facilitate development of industrial condition monitoring applications.

We will also cover how to move from condition monitoring to predictive maintenance solutions by introducing machine learning techniques, tools, and solutions from ST Partners Cartesiam and Qeexo.

You will learn:

  • How to benefit from ST's latest sensor technologies in industrial applications
  • How to log sensor data directly from a sensor node or through a cloud application
  • Recommendations on ST tool and partners to use when employing machine learning techniques with ST development kits and products