Webinar: Fundamentals of Wireless Charging for Qi-enabled Applications

Learn the principles of operation and see example implementations of a wireless charging system based on the Qi standard


Watch this 1-hour recording to gain a solid understanding of wireless charging concepts and the key aspects of the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) Qi standard. The video wireless charging solutions from ST for both the Transmitter (STWBC series) and Receiver (STWLC3x series), illustrating how they can be used to implement complete wireless charging systems in the 1 W - 15 W power range that include support for proprietary fast-charging methods for mobile phones. Also discussed, is reduced-size coils systems for small form-factor applications such as wearables.

You will learn:

  • How Qi wireless charging works, and the key differences between this and other standards
  • The most important operating aspects of a Qi system
  • About the reference designs and evaluation boards available from ST
  • The key features and advantages of ST's wireless charging solutions


Paolo Battezzato is a Senior Application Engineering Manager in the Analog & Power Applications organization of Region America, leading a team specializing in DC-DC conversion applications. Paolo has been involved in ST solutions for wireless charging since their inception, and is also involved in switching and linear voltage regulators, LED drivers, battery charging ICs, PoE and 48 V conversion for data centers. He is based in Burlington, MA.    

Product Details

The STWBC-xx series of digital controllers is dedicated to wireless charging transmitter applications. Several versions cover applications ranging from 1 W to 15 W of power, supporting single or multi-coil architectures.

The STWLC3x series of single-chip ICs is designed for wireless charging receiver applications. It supports power ranges from 1 W to 15 W with coils down to 10 mm for 1 W wearable applications.