これらのデバイスは、EMIローパス/コモンモード・フィルタ、ESD保護、プルアップ/プルダウン抵抗を組み合わせてUSB 2.0およびOTG(On-The-Go)規格をサポートしています。  

6 complete protection and filtering solutions for USB Type-C cables and connectors

ST offers a complete range of solutions to protect and filter USB Type-C power lines and datalines:
• 6 examples of solutions to fully protect USB Type-Cconnections and reduce noise that de-senses Wi-Fi and other RF systems.
• Alternate Mode supports many protocols in addition to USB and requires protection and filtering devices to 
    optimize signal integrity and clamping voltages
, while ensuring deep rejection over a large spectrum.
• USB Power Delivery increases the power capability of Type-C connectors, again pushing the limits of miniaturization of 
    TVS or EOS protection devices

>> New robust 30-kV ESD TVS for USB Type-C power delivery: ESDA7P60-1U1M (5 V) and ESDA13P70-1U1M (12 V) <<