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A Condition monitoring cloud gateway solution, using smart sensor nodes and edge processing

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This solution combines specific ST motion and environmental sensors and the performance STM32F4 MCU and STM32MP157 MPU in a Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance framework that connects multiple sensor nodes to a central data lake such as a Cloud service.

Critical vibration data from the three axes ISM330DLC IMU is processed locally on the STM32F4 microcontroller to generate frequency and time domain data, while the LPS22HB and HTS221 sensors provide temperature, pressure and humidity data. The data from up to four sensor nodes are routed through a concentrator to an Edge gateway node based on the STM32MP157 where all the data is consolidated for subsequent processing on server-based or cloud-based systems.

In order to expose the potential of a cloud-based solution, we provide a Predictive Maintenance Dashboard application from which Edge gateway nodes running the AWS IoT Greengrass service and AWS IoT core can be provisioned, so that condition monitoring sensor data can be plotted and triggers can be configured as part of your end-to-end Predictive Maintenance solution.


  • 搭載製品の特徴

    ISM330DLC -inertial measurement unit

    This iNEMO inertial measurement unit is well suited to vibration monitoring in industrial environments. It is a highly robust package that offers comparable accuracy with piezoelectric sensors and high speed signal transmission along dedicated paths, as well as ultra-low power consumption.

    STM32F4 - MCU with DSP capability

    The STM32F4 series microcontroller is chosen for its digital signal processing capabilities and clock speeds in order to manage the very high data rates streaming in from the vibration and environmental sensors.

    LPS22HB and HTS221 - environmental sensors

    The LPSSHB digital pressure and HTS221 relative humidity and temperature sensors complete the data requirements for a comprehensive condition monitoring scenario.


    STM32MP157 - MPU as gateway node

    The dual core STM32MP157 microprocessor provides a full computing environment hosting the applications to manage data routed from multiple monitoring nodes. Here, the data can be stored, processed and queued while the same microprocessor manages connectivity handshakes and transmission schedules with centralized condition monitoring and predictive maintenance systems.

  • All Features

    • Vibration monitoring data in the form of vibration speed (RMS), peak acceleration, and FFTs performed by STM32 MCU core on data acquired from ST industrial accelerometer.
    • Temperature, humidity and pressure data from ST environmental sensors.
    • Condition monitoring software support demonstrating Edge node processing in communication with a Cloud application via a secure gateway.
    • End-to-end communication framework allowing Condition Monitoring platform to develop into a Predictive Maintenance solution.
    • Further processing potential on Edge node with AWS IoT Greengrass and Lambda functions.
    • Cloud Dashboard to register and provision the devices, configure a gateway for Edge processing, assign a gateway to a group of devices, analyze real time and historical data, and set thresholds to trigger alerts for specific conditions.