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Live session broadcasted June 24th, 2020

Speakers: Petr Stukjunger

Senior application engineer

Live session broadcasted June 25th, 2020

ST Sensoren für Überwachung und Vorbeugende Wartung von Maschinen

ST Sensor Solutions for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance (this webinar will be held in German language)

Speakers: Werner Neumann

Senior technical marketing manager

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Discover our new STWIN SensorTile Wireless Industrial Node development kit and reference design for industrial IoT applications.

Industrial sensors and condition monitoring

We offer a wide range of sensors, which have been designed specifically to meet the needs of developers in the industrial market. Our portfolio of highly accurate and robust MEMS motion and environmental sensors can address the most demanding applications, such as industrial automation, condition monitoring or asset tracking. They are supported by a comprehensive set of tools and application boards to provide you with complete solutions and make development faster and easier.

Industrial sensors overview

This presentation gives an overview of our broad portfolio of MEMS sensors targeting industrial applications. This includes a range of motion MEMS from accelerometer and vibration sensor to 6-axis IMU sensors with gyroscope, as well as pressure and temperature sensors for environmental monitoring.

Related applications: Industrial sensors
Application boards: X-NUCLEO-IKS02A1

Focus on industrial inclinometers

Inclinometers measure the angle of objects and are used in many industrial applications, such as robotics, industrial vehicles, leveling instruments, platform stabilization or antenna pointing. Our portfolio of digital inclinometers supported by dedicated software libraries brings highly accurate angle measurement in any conditions.

Related applications: Industrial sensors
Application boards: X-NUCLEO-IKS02A1

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications use vibration and temperature sensors to monitor the condition of industrial assets such as motors and pumps. This presentation gives an overview of these applications and introduces our new IIS3DWB vibration sensor and STWIN wireless industrial development kit.

Related applications: Condition monitoring
ST parts: IIS3DWB
Application boards: STEVAL-STWINKT1

FlightSense™ Time-of-Flight ranging sensors

Our family of Time-of-Flight (ToF) ranging sensors, leveraging ST's patented FlightSense™ technology, brings developers high performance, small footprint and low power consumption. They enable you to develop innovative use-cases and enhance the user experience in a wide variety of devices and application markets thanks to highly accurate, true distance measurement in any conditions.

FlightSense™ Time-of-Flight ranging sensors

This presentation gives an overview of some of the broad range of use case our FlightSense portfolio of ranging sensors can address, including robotics, smart buildings, logistics, reflectometers, LiDAR, medical applications, consumer and personal devices.

Going further with FlightSense

Learn more about the FlightSense family with this presentation that provides an overview of our portfolio, details on products features and performance, as well as the ecosystem of hardware and software tools to start your design.

Current sensing, analog and power solutions

To complement our sensor portfolio and support you also in the analog design of your sensing application, ST offers a range of analog products that cover current sensing and temperature monitoring applications as well as DC-DC power solutions and ESD protection for robust designs. Our product families offer a wide range of features and operational modes to address your specific needs.

Current and temperature sensing

This presentation details our TSC family of current sensing devices, including our new bidirectional IC with wide common mode operating range and high precision for motor control and battery management application. Discover also our portfolio of analog and digital temperature sensing ICs, featuring high accuracy and low power consumption.

ST parts: TSC2011, TSC213, STTS22H
Application boards: STEVAL-AETKT1V1, STEVAL-MKI200V1K

DC-DC power solutions and ESD protection

This presentation gives an overview of ST’s DC-DC power solutions ranging from advanced power management ICs to compact, low-power buck converters, as well as an overview of our offer for ESD protection and filter ICs. These solutions address a wide range of industrial applications and in particular battery-powered devices.

ST parts: STPMIC1, L6983, ST1PS02

Sensors and Machine Learning

ST is making Machine Learning techniques from the world of AI available to developers of sensors applications directly at sensor level. Our Inertial Measurement Units with embedded Machine Learning Core enhance the performance of your embedded system, while optimizing the power consumption at system level.

Sensing solutions with Machine Learning capabilities

This presentation introduces our sensing solutions and highlights their machine learning capabilities. It covers the sensors with Machine Learning Core, as well as the ecosystem of boards and software libraries available to develop your application.

Learn more about Machine Learning Core

Software environment: STBLESensor mobile app, Unicleo-GUI, Unico-GUI for MLC development, X-CUBE-MEMS1 package, FP-IND-PREDMNT1 package

Focus on IMU with Machine Learning Core

Learn more about our set of IMUs embedding Machine Learning Core (MLC). Discover how it works and what it brings to your applications in terms of performance and power efficiency. In this presentation, you will also find details about the development tools around this family of sensors. ready-to-go IoT node

ST makes IoT sensing easy with a certified and ready-to-connect device. The development kit enables users with any level of experience with sensors to learn, prototype and develop IoT sensor nodes embedding our IMUs with Machine Learning core.
Learn more about

Application boards: STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1, X-NUCLEO-IKS01A3

Wireless connectivity solutions for sensing applications

ST offers wireless connectivity solutions that enable you to transfer data collected from sensors to a gateway or directly to the cloud. We provide a range of options, from Bluetooth™ Low energy network processors and System-on-Chip solutions to multi-protocol wireless microcontrollers. We also provide a set of integrated platforms, combining sensing, processing and connectivity capabilities make development of your wireless sensor node easier and faster.

Wireless sensor IoT node

This presentation describes how our platform solutions, such as the, allow an easy integration of the sensors with Bluetooth Low energy connectivity. These integrated platforms allow an easy connection of the sensors to transfer the collected data to other devices. In this presentation, you will learn more about our BlueNRG family of Bluetooth Low Energy ICs integrated into wireless sensor nodes.

ST parts: BlueNRG

Multi-protocol STM32WB wireless microcontrollers

Learn more about our series of STM32WB wireless MCUs which combine a microcontroller and an open 2.4 GHz multiprotocol radio unit. They provide a compact high-performing and ultra-low power processing solution embedding Bluetooth 5.0, OpenThread and Zigbee connectivity.

ST parts: STM32WB

STM32 MCU & MPU and sensors

Our broad STM32 portfolio of microcontroller and microprocessors offer a variety of choice for developers who are looking for devices addressing their specific needs and adapted to the type of sensors used in their systems. With the STM32, we offer a family of products with more than 1000 parts to choose from, supported by a comprehensive ecosystem and with all the features required whether is it package options, operating temperature range, ultra-low power capability, wireless connectivity, AI-enabled tools or integrated rich analog functions.

MEMS microactuators technology

Discover the range of innovative solutions based on ST’s unique MEMS actuator technology. Laser Beam Scanning technology power Augmented Reality and portable healthcare applications and enable simultaneous detection and virtual image-projection. MEMS speakers technology allows ultralight and compact audio modules. Microfluidic actuator technology is used in many consumer applications and allows release of lightweight microdroplets and tight control of dispensing.