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Microcontrollers including Artificial Intelligence and Motor Control
ST's STM32 microcontroller family and broad ecosystem will be at the heart of ST's presence at Embedded World. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover and explore in depth demos around the newest STM32 devices including the very latest additions to the family. Various applications and ecosystems related to STM32 will also be  showcased, such as Graphics tools, Motor Control solutions, Ultra-low power benchmarking, Cellular to Cloud solutions, LPWAN long-range connectivity based on LoRa and Sigfox, Artificial Intelligence, and many others. These demonstrations will include TrueStudio for STM32, a new addition to ST's portfolio of SW tools.

With the ST25 product family, ST offers a complete portfolio of NFC and RFID tag and reader ICs for a wide variety of NFC-enabled solutions. At Embedded World we are showcasing demonstrations of the ST25 in action for Smart Industry/ Industry 4.0, for accessory recognition, for brand protection in embedded applications, for NFC access control connection with Linux, and more. We will also be demonstrating the latest innovations from our ST25 UHF reader family.

ST’s automotive solutions making Driving safer, green and more connected. At Embedded World we are demonstrating solutions for automotive instrument clusters, small engine electronic fuel injection, automotive USB Type-C power delivery as well as electric motor control for many vehicle applications. Our SPC5 family of automotive-grade 32-bit MCUs will be on display with demonstrations on embedded hardware security and on the SPC5Studio development framework with GTM, ideal for developing complex gateway, powertrain, body, chassis, and transmission control applications. We will also be showcasing our innovative partnership with Valens and Cinemo, providing high-speed Infotainment and Telematics Connectivity for the vehicles of the future.

ST offers a wide range of wired and wireless connectivity solutions and a number of these will be showcased at Embedded World. A USB-C solution combining low power consumption with robust, high-voltage capability to support full USB PD negotiation for source and sink applications. A Bluetooth Mesh solution for connecting multiple Bluetooth low energy devices in powerful, integrated, range-extending Mesh networks with true two-way communication. And LPWAN connectivity with an ultra-low power platform certified for Sigfox Sub-1 Ghz Technology based on the our second generation Sub-1GHz RF transceiver and an STM32 MCU.

ST delivers a full range of scalable, integrated security solutions, to meet the needs of the fast growing connected digital world. At Embedded World we will be demonstrating how the STSAFE secure element can authenticate  devices, secure IoT connections and ensure platform integrity. We will also be showcasing vehicle security with the ST33 TPM solution for secure on-board communication and over-the-air updates. In addition we will be demonstrating Embedded IP Protection with the STM32 with Secure Firmware Install and Update mechanisms.

ST will be showcasing a number market leading MEMS sensors suitable for a wide variety of applications at Embedded World. These include our latest  6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope IMU, with the lowest power consumption on the market and  motion and environmental sensor demonstrations utilizing the ST32 Nucleo sensor expansion board and the BlueCoin prototyping board. We will also be showcasing MEMS microphones adapted for near field ultrasound inspection for use in industrial equipment monitoring applications.

At Embedded world ST will be demonstrating the latest generation of Time of Flight sensor the VL53L1X which allows extended ranging up to 4 meters with configurable field of views and a  high dynamic range ( HDR ) camera system solution for industrial, machine vision and outdoor applications.

Power Management
ST will be showcasing a number of innovations in power management and analog at Embedded World including a  new 40V linear voltage regulator, a nano-quiescent DC/DC converter, a smart LED driver and a variety of innovative op amps. These will be supported by  demos of expansion boards for LED drivers and a new power bank expansion board for STM32 Nucleo boards. There will also be a demonstration of a  battery-operated carbon monoxide detector connected to a Sigfox network based on the evaluation pack  for electrochemical sensors.

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