Business Process, Tools and Indicators


Continuous improvement is a fundamental part of our ST culture and fully integrated in quality management. It is part of what we all do in ST, every day, to ensure our performance meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations and our business goals.

We work to continuously enhance our overall effectiveness and efficiency through close examination of how each of our business processes is managed and interrelated using a system approach. This means

  • Clearly mapping business processes and responsibilities
  • Measuring and analyzing business performance
  • Constantly tailoring, innovating, implementing changes and evaluating their effectiveness.

The continuous improvement process is supported by a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach to making decisions and managing business.

ST quality processes are supported by a dedicated suite of tools, methods and systems used throughout the company to

  • Ensure a robust and consistent approach
  • Provide a platform for sharing knowledge and good practices
  • Measure performance data to drive improvement.

Key process indicators are used to track and measure our performance. These are fully integrated into our strategy and cascaded down to each activity, allowing us to measure both our global effectiveness and individual results. Corrective actions are taken when gaps between actual and desired achievements are identified.