Customers are notified of any modification to a product or process that may impact the form, fit, function, processing, quality, or reliability of a product, the customer supply chain, or contractual agreements with our customers.

We provide customers with a Product/Process Change Notice at the soonest and respect international standard and specific customer requirements accepted by ST. Customers must acknowledge receipt of the notification requests for evaluation samples must also be made within 30 days of the notification.

The notification outlines the reasons for the change, the advantages and the proposed qualification plan.

In the spirit of full transparency ST works in a team with customers when needed to jointly execute the qualification plan.


Before terminating a product, we evaluate the effects and potential alternatives to protect our customers from any potential line disruption. Impacted parties are notified according to international standards and specific customer requirements accepted by ST.

We provide technical data, validate potential alternatives and agree on the duties required to maintain the continuity of supplies.