Customer Quality


Our objective is to delight our customers by providing best-in-class quality support, communication and management of customer requirements.


  • We will achieve the lowest levels of Defective Parts Per Million (DPPM) for each industrial domain with the ultimate goal of zero failures.
  • We will prevent any impact to our customers due to excursions through robust prevention methodology and zero-excursion management.
  • We will be fully engaged and flawlessly execute business processes, prevent problems and continually improve the way we work.

Customer support structure


Customers are supported through a worldwide organization, organized into three geographical regions

  • Americas
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa
  • Asia Pacific

Customer support offices are located close to many of our customers in order to provide fast, hands-on field support. A dedicated support organization is also in place for our key accounts.

Field sales engineers and account managers are the primary customer interface. They are responsible for managing the business relationship with the customer, responding to customer requirements and ensuring that ST is able to comply with customer requirements.