We aim to create innovative devices that have a positive impact on our planet, business and people's lives.

Enabling today and tomorrow solutions
As part of our strategic applications focus of smart driving and Internet of Things, ST is an industry leader to enabling solutions for a better future. Our innovative devices are enabling applications favorable for environment and for people.

We define two main categories of Responsible applications for our semiconductor products:

Planet-friendly application - enabling green solutions
We create semiconductor solutions with new and enhanced capabilities to help manufacturers deploy smart, environmentally friendly applications, improving dramatically the environmental footprint of people’s everyday lives.
ST devices classified as planet-care responsible products are key contributors to society’s megatrend for green applications, such as automotive powertrain electrification, solar panels, LED lighting, smart grid management, and reduction of energy consumption. They can also be used to control and reduce the emission of pollutants.
Human-welfare application - innovating for people's wellbeing
We create semiconductor solutions that help each of us live a safer, healthier life. These products have customized innovative features that contribute to wellbeing applications.
ST devices classified as human-welfare responsible products are powerful enablers for medical, health, safety and security applications. They also provide the functionality for applications that give access to basic needs, such as energy or information, in developing countries.

Our innovation ladder
We evaluate our products and then award stars to indicate their value to society, awarding 1, 2 or 3 stars according to the level of innovation achieved by the product:

  • 3 Stars - Solves a problem with a new solution for the market
  • 2 Stars - Significantly improves an existing solution through cutting-edge innovation
  • 1 Star   - Improves an existing solution

Learn more about our Sustainable Technology label.