Sustainability Reports


Accelerating sustainability, together.

Discover our online 2022 Sustainability report. 

Our 25th annual sustainability report contains highlights and details of ST’s sustainability performance in 2021 and presents the Company’s ambitions and long-term goals.

Read the online version or download the PDF.

Among ST’s sustainability highlights in 2021

  • On track to become carbon neutral by 2027, with more than 50% purchased electricity coming from renewable sources
  • Included in the DJSI World and Europe indices
  • Decreased the recordable case rate (work-related injuries per 100 employees per year) with a record score of 0.12 (0.14 in 2020) which is among the best in class
  • Reached the target of hiring 30% women for exempt positions for the first time, but still need to make progress to reach the 2025 target of 20% of women in all management levels
  • Identified 69% of new products as 'responsible'; 20% of total revenues were generated by ST’s responsible products portfolio
  • Continued to invest in R&D and open innovation with a network now including 187 active academic and private partnerships worldwide to build the future

ST was one of the first companies to commit to the United Nations Global Compact in 2000 and as a participant, the report represents the Company’s ‘Communication on Progress’ as well as the efforts to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). It is aligned with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Sustainability Accounting Standards Boards (SASB) and Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). To ensure accuracy and transparency, the report is independently assured by a third-party auditor. 

Executive summary of our 2022 Sustainability report 'Sustainability at a glance' is available in English, ChineseItalian and French.


All previous reports are available in PDF version.