ST has always been strongly committed to sustainability, and in the early 1990s we were one of the first multinational companies to implement an environmental policy, complete with publicly disclosed targets that went beyond legal requirements. Since then, we have increasingly widened the scope of our commitments.
Today, sustainability is integrated throughout our entire business, allowing us to maximize opportunities in areas such as sustainable technology and innovation, as well as helping us to predict and mitigate risks to our operations and business performance.

Materiality exercise

In 2014, we conducted our second materiality exercise and carried out a full review of our Sustainability strategy to answer to stakeholders' expectations and interests and to ensure alignment with business priorities and international standards.
We selected our stakeholders through a mapping based on their importance, level of influence, potential impact on our business, the benefits of engaging them and the type of engagement. We invited over 300 stakeholders to participate, including customers, employees, suppliers, investors, SRI analysts, academic and industry associations, government representatives, local associations and NGOs, asking them to rate our 27 topics according to importance. Almost 40% of stakeholders responded.

Here are the results: