Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is all about ST’s values and commonly held principles that represent our corporate culture and history, and are the top-level reference for guiding our behavior, decision-making and activities:

Integrity: we conduct our business with the highest ethical standards, honor our commitments, deliver on our promises, are loyal and fair and stand up for what is right.

People: we behave with openness, trust and simplicity; we are ready to share our knowledge, encourage everyone’s contribution, develop our people through empowerment, teamwork and training; each one of us is committed and personally involved in the continuous improvement process.

Excellence: we strive for quality and customer satisfaction and create value for all our partners; we are flexible, encourage innovation, develop our competences, seek responsibility and are accountable for our actions; we act with discipline, base our decisions on facts and focus on the priorities.

Complying with our Code of Conduct is mandatory for everyone acting on behalf of ST, including executives, managers, employees and business partners, as we are all responsible for acting ethically.

The Company’s Management strives for the cultivation of a “speak up” culture, allowing everyone (such as employees, business partners and customers) to express, in good faith, any concern they might have regarding possible violation of the principles contained in our Code of Conduct, internal policies and the law. ST set up a Misconduct Reporting Hotline, operated by an independent third party provider, reachable 24/7 online or by phone (with a multilingual offering).

Click here to access the Misconduct Reporting Hotline Platform.


诚信: 我们在开展业务时,奉行最高的道德标准,信守并兑现承诺,忠诚、公平且坚持正道。

员工: 我们的行为公开、信任、简单;我们乐于分享知识、鼓励大家参与、通过授权、团队合作和培训让员工成长;我们每个人都致力并亲身参与到持续改进的过程中。

卓越: 我们努力提高质量和客户满意度,为所有伙伴创造价值;我们保持灵活、鼓励创新、提升能力、承担责任,并对我们的行为负责;我们按规矩行事,依据事实做决定,并关注优先事项。



  Code of Conduct