Bluetooth LE 5.3 System-on-Chip for accurate indoor tracking

The most cost-effective solution for locator tags in RTLS (Real-time locating system), asset tracking and item finding application

The BlueNRG-LPS is a programmable Bluetooth®LE SoC. It embeds state-of-the-art 2.4 GHz proprietary RF radio IPs and combines unparalleled performance with a very long battery lifetime. It is compliant with Bluetooth®LE SIG core specification 5.3, which addresses point-to-point connectivity and Bluetooth Mesh networking.

The BlueNRG-LPS SoC helps developers boost the wireless performance of their applications, thanks to a greater range and secure multi-link connections.

To further optimize size and simplify the design implementation the MLPF-NRG-01D3 integrating the matching network and the low pass filter in a single chip has been validated with the BLUENRG-LPS SoC.

Key features

  • Bluetooth®LE 5.3 specifications
  • Arm Cortex-M0+
  • 192 Kbytes of Flash memory / 24 Kbytes of RAM
  • + 8 dBm max output power
  • 2 Mbps data rate
  • Long-range BLE (Coded PHY)
  • Advertising extension
  • Angle of arrival / Angle of departure
  • More than 20 connections
  • Integrated balun and minimized BOM for cost optimization
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • -40 to +105 °C operating temperature
  • VFQFPN32 package (5 x 5 mm, 0.5 mm pitch)
Smart tools and appliances
Industrial connectivity
Lighting and building automation
People and animal tracking
Healthcare, wearables
Personal electronics

BlueNRG-LPS enables real-time positioning with cm accuracy

The Bluetooth Core Specification introduces Direction Finding features to enhance the performance of Bluetooth location service solutions. These features allow devices to determine the direction of a Bluetooth signal, enabling the development of powerful, low-cost, and Real Time Location System (RTLS), with location accuracy down to tens of centimeters.

Watch how the direction finding feature of Bluetooth is for you!

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How to test & prototype with BlueNRG-LPS

BlueNRG-LPS evaluation board

The STEVAL-IDB012V1 evaluation platform is designed to develop and test Bluetooth® Low Energy applications using the low power BlueNRG-LPS system-on-chip, in combination with inertial and environmental MEMS sensors, a digital MEMS microphone, and various interface buttons and LEDs.

Bluetooth LE binary library

This software package provides a Bluetooth® LE binary library with a complete set of APIs and related events callbacks to access the Bluetooth® LE functionality offered by the BlueNRG-LPS device. It contains a full set of demonstration applications allowing to target several Bluetooth LE scenarios using the BlueNRG-LPS device

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This package provides the GCC toolchain-based WiSE-Studio Eclipse IDE, supporting the BlueNRG-LPS and associated evaluation platforms. Available for free and for Windows, Linux, MAC OS.

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Current consumption estimation of BlueNRG-LPS SoC

The STSW-BNRG001 software is a design tool to help developers estimate device current consumption. It can predict the current consumption of the BlueNRG-LPS SoC under different conditions.

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GUI to interact with BlueNRG-LPS SoC

The GUI to interact with BlueNRG-LPS SoC software package consists of a graphical user interface (GUI) PC application that can be used to interact and evaluate the capabilities of the BlueNRG-LPS Bluetooth Low Energy system-on-chip.

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RF-Flasher standalone PC utility

The RF-Flasher standalone PC utility is an SW package containing a standalone PC utility, which allows the BlueNRG-LPS System-on-Chip device Flash to be read, mass erased, written and programmed.
It supports BlueNRG-LPS Flash access through both UART and SWD interfaces using, respectively, the internal device UART bootloader and the standard SWD interface through HW SWD programming/debugging tools (CMSIS-DAP, ST-Link/V2, J-Link).

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ST Quuppa tag emulation

The STSW-QUUPPA-ETAG evaluation software package allows building a Quuppa tag emulation device that features the location-tracking capability, multiple sensors data provisioning, and a framework for custom back-channel commands to be used through the Quuppa proprietary positioning system.

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On-demand webinar: How to design low-end location services using the Bluetooth Direction Finding feature and our BlueNRG-LPS system-on-chip

  • Presentation of the BlueNRG-LPS system-on-chip and its development ecosystem
  • Overview of the Bluetooth 5.1. Direction Finding feature
  • Basics of angle of arrival (AoA) and angle of departure (AoD) concepts
  • Design considerations for enhanced Bluetooth location services
  • Hands-on session with evaluation platform and SDK with example code