ST CES Complement Event
Day One
80 minutes
Asset Tracking
  • Long Range connectivity with Sub-1 GHz transceiver
  • Long range with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 SoC
  • Asset tracking with and NFC Sensor Tag
  • Data logging of sensor node data using NFC
60 minutes
  • Ultra wideband technology for industrial RTLS
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh
  • Low latency multiple connections network with BlueNRG-LP
80 minutes
MEMS & Sensors
  • Condition monitoring for data center and industrial fans
  • Qeexo AutoML on ST's development kits
  • Dynamic inclinometer for antenna positioning (ISM330DHCX)
  • Static inclinometer for industrial and structural monitoring
Day Two
60 minutes
Motor Control​
  • Compact reference design for power tools with STSPIN32F0
  • Precision motor control for robotics with STSPIN32F0
  • New STDRIVE101: Triple half-bridge driver for LV motors
60 minutes
STM32 - AI and HMI​
  • Face-recognition based on STM32H7 and FP-AI-FACEREC1
  • Natural language voice recognition - from Sensory
  • STM32 Alexa IoT reference design
100 minutes
Infotainment, Body & Positioning
  • E-mobility with Teseo-VIC3 & DRUM positioning
  • Precise GNSS Positioning with Teseo-5
  • MEMS micro-mirrors enable LeddarTech automotive LiDAR
  • Digital car audio solutions
  • NFC keyfob or NFC smart phone to interface with your vehicle
80 minutes
Car Electrification
  • Advances in Silicon Carbide increasing power density
  • 15 kW Vienna rectifier with digital control reference design
  • Stellar virtualization in high performance MCUs
  • Chorus automotive MCU family with OTA update support
Day Three
80 minutes
Personal Electronics
  • Social distancing with BlueNRG
  • Activity Recognition on IMU with Machine Learning Core
  • Laser beam scanning solutions for Augmented Reality
  • Vertical positioning with ST barometers and Nextnav SW
100 minutes
Industrial IoT
  • Contactless 60 GHz link for 360 degree USB & PoE camera
  • New hybrid Power Line Communication & RF connectivity
  • Versatile IO-Link transceiver for factory automation
  • NFC as contactless user interface
  • Program, track & identify throughout manufacturing
100 minutes
  • GaN: reinventing power
  • Benefits of cascode GaN transistors
  • Power delivery for data center and cloud computing
  • High power wireless charger for power tools
  • SiC MOSFET totem pole digital PFC with SCR inrush current limiter
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