battery management system

L9963E chip for battery management systems

14 cells Battery Monitoring and balancing IC

14 cells Battery Monitoring and balancing IC

A Li-ion battery monitoring and balancing chip, the L9963E is designed for high-reliability automotive applications and energy storage systems. Up to 14 stacked battery cells can be monitored to meet the requirements of 48 V and higher voltage systems as it is possible to daisy chain multiple (up to 31) devices ensuring high-speed, low EMI, long distance, and reliable data transmissions. In addition to a fully redundant cell measurement path, with ADC Swap, for enhanced safety and Limp Home functionality, the L9963E offers an intelligent diagnostic routine providing automatic failure validation.

Key features of L9963E

sustainable technology product
  • Measures 4 to 14 cells in series
  • On board Coulomb counter supporting pack overcurrent detection in both ignition on and off states
  • 16-bit voltage ADC with maximum error of ±2 mV in 0 to 4.3 V range
  • 2.66 Mbps isolated serial communication with dual access ring capability
  • Less than 4 µs latency between start of conversion of the 1 and the 31st device in a chain
  • 200 mA passive internal balancing current for each cell
  • Two 5 V regulators supporting external load
  • 9 GPIOs, with up to 7 analog inputs for NTC sensing

Application examples

Home Energy Storage System Home Energy Storage System
Commercial Energy Storage System Commercial Energy Storage System
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
automotive applications Automotive
electric bike scooter eBike, eScooter

How to test & prototype with L9963E

Choose a development kit to start testing the capabilities and features of L9963E:


EVAL-L9963E-MCU - L9963E Evaluation Board

Lonely or first stage of a BMS distributed system (with SPC574S64 MCU on board) allowing full L9963E evaluation.

EVAL-L9963E-NDS - L9963E single node in a distributed BMS System

Node in a distributed system (from the 2nd stage up to 32nd) allowing L9963E evaluation up to 800V battery pack

L9963E single node in a distributed BMS System
EVAL-L9963E-MCU Graphical User Interface


EVAL-L9963E-MCU Graphical User Interface

L9963T Companion chip - SPI to isolated SPI transceiver

A general-purpose SPI to isolated SPI transceiver intended to create a communication bridge between devices located into different voltage domains, the L9963T is able to transfer communication data incoming from a classical 4-wire based SPI interface to a 2-wire isolated interface (and vice-versa).

For buffering and decoupling the two different clock domains, the L9963T features an internal queue of 3 slots for the frames received on the SPI port and a queue of 20 slots for the ones received on the isolated SPI side.

automotive general purpose SPI to isolated SPI transceiver

Meet BMS performance requirements for your applications

battery management webinar

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Starting from a single lithium-ion cell and going towards a complete battery pack, you will explore how to manage the technological challenges of battery management using state-of-the-art semiconductor solutions.

Agenda overview
  • Overview of hybrid/full-electric technologies
  • Challenges for lithium-ion batteries including requirements and solutions for safe operation
  • Cell monitoring and balancing: Why is it important and how it can be achieved?
  • In-depth look at a state-of-the-art cell management solution
  • ST's battery management portfolio and development ecosystem