Guarding Angel: (Baby, Family in-Car and Home Assistant-Monitoring Systems)

Story: Reduced baby cot death and fatigue alert, physical health condition, sleep position, breath and anti-choke alarm since most parents sleep separately from babies and babies are always in their cots. Camera monitoring alone is not enough since it difficult to sense breathing, snort, pulse rate, turning position, turning degree, room temperature, humidity and many more around newly born and toddlers. Online and Off-line 24/7 monitoring and alert in real-time. With a specialised Mobile App, a mother can caress baby to sleep, be alert when to check on baby inside the cots and visualised sleep pattern of the baby (daily, week charts for GP and visiting Nurse.

Help expected Mother to perform well during pregnancy. Help monitor breathing, pulses, siting and sleep position. Alert for out of position, resting time, glucose level if possible. Virtual Assistance, Voice based, Gateway hub to Cloud connected mobile-phone to smart devices mean partners and next-of-kin can be as nearer as possible to their loved ones. The App will help informed pregnant mother about their daily routines, patterns and what they should be doing well or stay away from.

In-Car: sense pressure variation due to improperly close car doors, use with toddler car pram for better position and lock. Interface with GPS and OBDII to monitor, alert and as an adviser driving behaviour. for Single parent and large family, vacation, holidays, visit all covered.

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SensorTile Voice/Sensor-Based Smart Home Access Platform

Story: Airbnb and Uber are two new disruptive services for today's "Shareconomy" business model where the customers have shared access to a private property.

Airbnb guests, as well as regular visitors to your house (e.g. caregivers, maid services, dog walkers, FedEx/Amazon delivery personnel, etc.), would benefit from time-saving, convenient services if your house has keyless smart door lock installed (e.g. and smart door locks). These smart locks would send notifications to the homeowner's phone when any of the visitors' temporary access code was pressed on the keypad (or on the visitor's phone screen) to unlock the smart door lock. This project based on SensorTile microphone/accelerometer and also ST NFC (near-field communication) tag would add three additional useful features to existing smart door locks to form an integrated Home Access Platform as follows:

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Alexa/Google-Assistant voice/sensor-based IoT automation for the "Voice is the New Touch" IoT era

Story: iPad, iPhones, Android tablets' quick adoption 10 years ago was due mainly to the ease of use of their touchscreen technology. Nowadays, however, with the proliferation of IoT automation products and services, touchscreen as the UI is no longer adequate and acceptable: imagine having to turn on a smartphone screen, launch an app, and navigate to the right UI button just to turn on the light, AC Air-conditioner or to unlock your smart door; and, even worse, repeat these tedious steps 4-5 times a day!

What if there's a way to send these commands via your voice without having to touch your phone and even while its screen is off? Yes, Siri can do this if you own an iPhone and pricey Apple HomeKit/Siri accessories. But how about users with Android/Windows phones who don't own Apple HomeKit appliances or prefer to use Amazon Alexa or Google Voice assistant instead?

Fortunately, Sensor Tile, with its microphone/voice and accelerometer sensors, is revolutionizing the smartphone's UI to usher in the "Voice is the New Touch" IoT era: At the tap (single or double tap) on Sensor Tile module embedded in a wearable device, you can wake up an iOS or Android smartphone and control your remote appliances (light, TV, ACAir, Doorlock...) using Alexa or Google assistant voice services.

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Active Traffic Control Devices

Story: At an elementary school in my neighborhood, there is road guard team that helps kids and pedestrians crossing the street safely and to control the flow of vehicles on the street during the school rush hours, the hours when students come to school in the morning and leave for home in the afternoon. The guard team is formed by a group of four fifth-grader students and a teacher who also supervises the team. Each student is assigned a simple traffic control device, standing at a specific locations to perform sign gestures to control the traffic.

The traffic control devices include: a whistle, a traffic cone, a pole, and a pole with stop sign. The student with the whistle overviews the scene and blow whistle commands. Follow the whistle commands, the students holding poles perform sign gestures to inform the vehicle drivers to go or stop, or letting the pedestrian crossing the street or waiting on the side walk. The teacher holds a notebook and records activities and events.

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SEER- InternetOfThings Based Intelligent Personal Assistant

Story: Seer is a device which will play a booster role in the field of smart homes and automation.It is basically an application of internet of things.

SEER is a 9-inch hands-free wireless speaker made up of Raspberry Pi Zero with an integrated camera you control with your voice.SEER runs on Amazon Web Services and requires a Hologram Nova USB modem for high-speed internet connection. To initiate a command, SEER must hear a 'wake word.' The default word is 'SEER', although you can change it through our app.

With SEER, a compatible device can play music, answer questions, control the lights, and much more.

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Story: ST-sensorTile is one of comprehensive development kit designed to IoT designs. I have completed one prototype for Gesture capture handle based on ST MCU and one simple APP to for Angle Sensor Data communication.

This Glove-In-Command shall include more information of motion like accel, gyro and angle sensors. The sensoTile shall be embedded in the glove.

Response to at least double tap, sweep, the Glove-In-Command can send be motion sensor Mux and directing command directly to mobile APP to show the result.

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Data Processing for Patients with Alzheimer's

Story: Many people have Alzheimer, the high technology for his treatment are very very expensive and this treatment regularly are outside of the house, they need go to a hospital or a consulting room. This project want transform the treatment for the first and second steps of the alzheimer and slow down the progressive damage.

The Sensortile is a MCU with many sensors in a little space and their use can be for a bracelet... so, we can measure the movements of a person using the Gyroscope and Accelerometer and try to know that movement. Some of us, normally move up the hand to the head (hand-head) when we forget something, while other persons maybe become anxious (anxious) and increase their hands movements, and this is the key for know when the people is forgetting some.

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Safety Device for Railways

Story: In every city we have local train for passenger services. It is necessary to know the track status from time to time to avoid major or minor accidents.

SensorTile can be used in this project to make the safety device for the railway department to check the status of train track. Which will give safety to passenger for their happiest journey. Train status on track can be found by placing the sensortile on track side bar. the steps shows how we did it.

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